Encoding and Transcoding

Encoding and Transcoding

Find out about our end-to-end solutions from encoding, transcoding, stream processing and packaging, through networking and distribution to decoders.


Software-Based Live Video Compression for Distribution applications

Kyrion CM

A High Video Quality – Ultra Low Latency HEVC, H264, MPEG2 Contribution Encoder

Kyrion AM

A High Video Quality – Low Latency – High Density H264, MPEG2 Broadcast Encoder

In this fast-paced technology environment, nothing less than state-of-the-art video encoding performance will do. TITAN provides us with the efficiency we need to deliver the quality our customers demand. Both the XSN Group and ATEME teams provided us with the expertise to implement this technology and we look forward to providing our customers with the best the industry has to offer in TV everywhere services.

Miguel Angel Ceballos, VP Operations Maxcom

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