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High fidelity video compression for broadcast
and broadband.

As broadcasters seek out new ways to monetize their DTV sub-channels, mobile DTV channels and main HD channel as part of their 19.4Mb/s digital television stream, they may want to consider an interesting proposal from Gustavo Marra, Manager Application Engineering at ATEME.

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At the 2011 Annual SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, CA, Marra presented a paper outlining the use of existing technology, including low-power on-channel mobile DTV repeaters combined with wireless broadband technology, to provide sports fans in arenas and stadiums with exclusive live TV content to enhance their on-site experience.

In this week’s video podcast Marra explains the proposal.

Pierre LARBIER, CTO at ATEME, communicate his opinion on Video Codex for Contribution applications,

by Monika Fourneaux Ceskova

Satis, 10th November 2011. Pierre Larbier, CTO at ATEME, presented in brief his view on the solution for contribution applications and content optimization at round table conference.

4:2:2 10-bit AVC-I, is presently the best solution for intra-only contribution applications, improving delivery for better quality of content”, said Pierre Larbier. To illustrate this, Pierre presented a new video quality evaluation of various contribution codecs.

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About Pierre Larbier
Pierre Larbier is ATEME’s Chief Technology Officer and a renowned expert in the field of algorithmic design and MPEG / H.264 video compression. He has specifically dealt with video encoder architecture and designs for a wide range of platforms and applications: from low-power single DSP solutions to ultra-high quality FPGA based HD broadcast encoders. Pierre obtained his engineering degree from INSA, Rennes, France, with a specialization in electronics. He is a DVB & SMPTE active member.

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ATEME, the leading provider of H.264/MPEG-4 video compression solutions, has teamed up with UK provider of broadcast class video solutions Techex to support its customers throughout the London Olympics in 2012. Any ATEME customer broadcasting from London before, and during the Olympic games itself, will be able to receive full back up including telephone support and rapid delivery of spare parts for video transmission.

“We will jointly offer any of ATEME’s clients across Europe and the world telephone and online support, and have spare parts available for advance replacement within four hours,” said Techex managing director Chris Bailey. “If any customers want even faster service than that, we can discuss that too.”

“This will enable any problems to be resolved rapidly so that broadcast services provided by these customers are not disrupted,” Bailey added. “I think this will be a great benefit to ATEME’s overseas customers who will not be bringing their own spare parts. The speed of response will be essential, reducing their risk, and bringing valuable reassurance.”

ATEME’s service will be provided from a common pool of spares stored locally. “Advance replacement means that upon notification by phone that any item of equipment has an issue, we will deliver a new one within 4 hours and only then pick-up the failing unit for diagnosis,” said ATEME’s Chief Operations Officer Joseph Soueidi. “Under a normal replacement process the customer would send the failing unit to ATEME first for checks.”
Indeed ATEME will be on hand to assist with any problems or issues its customers may have relating to broadcast compression during the Olympic Games. “Even in the absence of failure, ATEME may assist with trouble shooting on a transmission or configuration or optimization of settings,” said Soueidi. “The opening ceremony is on July 27th and closing on August 12th, but most broadcasters need assistance several days before the start date while they are performing tests, so our service will run for 30 days from July 13th,” Soueidi added.

Although this service is only for the duration of the Olympics, it is part of a longer term relationship between ATEME and Techex that will deliver professional broadcast services on an ongoing basis to ATEME’s customers involved in contribution and transmission to, from, and within the UK.

For Techex the relationship with ATEME strengthens its reputation as a provider of resilient and high performing broadcast compression systems, according to Bailey. “We’ve known ATEME for many years and their MPEG4 H.264 technology is some of the best we think and so setting up this relationship was a no brainer from our point of view.”
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ATEME ( is a world leading provider of MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications.

About Techex
Founded in 1972, Techex ( is an industry-leading supplier of video solutions for the broadcast and enterprise markets with operations in the U.K., Spain, USA, Hong Kong, and South America. Core to Techex’s ethos is a view of all business relationships as partnerships. Techex’s focused IP video competence specialises in value-added distribution, platform design, system integration, project management, support, and consultancy.

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