High fidelity video compression for broadcast
and broadband.

Pierre Larbier - CTO at ATEME
A short version of Pierre Larbier’s white paper: AVC-I, Yet another intra codec for contribution? was released in the FKT – April 2012, German magazine.

To read the whole story in German go to FKT. For English version visit our website or download the AVC-I, Yet another intra codec for contribution? white paper here attached.

Yann Courqueux & Alain Motard from NetgemWhile multi-screen experience on connected devices (TV, tablet, PC or smartphone) is coming to Brazil, ATEME has hosted seminars on how to improve payTV services using Over-The-Top (OTT) content.


OTT Seminars in Brazil invitation

Four cutting-edge solution providers have joined their forces to demonstrate solutions to build an enhanced OTT service

  • ATEME, providing bandwidth efficient compression solutions below 1mbps
  • Broadpeak, providing optimized solutions for content delivery networks (CDN)
  • KIT digital, providing enhanced end-to-end video management software and related services.
  • Netgem, providing technologies for Connected home, including set-top boxes and middleware

4 dedicated and exclusive sessions were organized:

Sao Paulo – March 5th 2012 – Renaissance Hotel – Session 1 : 9am to 12pm / Session 2 : 2pm to 5pm
Rio de Janeiro –March 7th 2012 – Sheraton Hotel – Session 1 : 9am to 12pm / Session 2 : 2pm to 5pm

In less than 3 hours, participants have learnt how to stream pristine video quality at speeds of below 1Mbps, implement a cost-effective content delivery network, multi-screen management and a fluid user experience.

Seminars photo gallery

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Brazil OTT white paper - Portuguese version

Raul Rivera - ATEME LATAM Sales DirectorGustavo Marra - ATEME Manager Applications Engineering

Brazil OTT White paper

Brazil OTT white paper - Portuguese version
Brazil OTT white paper - English version


Gustavo Marra - ATEME Manager Applications Engineering

Article in Portuguese released in Panorama Audiovisual online magazine – April 2012

Solução conjunta para OTT e Multi-screen

CableLabs, the non-profit research and development consortium dedicated to pursuing new cable telecommunications technologies, on March 11–13, 2012 hosted its Winter Conference in Philadelphia. ATEME was selected to participate and demonstrated its 1080p60 video compression technology.
The CableLabs conference provides attendees with the most up to date information about advanced technology supporting business and strategic objectives. It provides a forum for its’ members to interact with each other and to see the latest and greatest technologies that operators can choose from.

“We are very proud of being selected to showcase our premium 1080p60 video format for contribution and distribution at CableLabs 2012 Winter conference. There were many visitors to our stand, who were interested in and excited about the excellent video quality,” said Radiene Watson, ATEME USA Director Service Provider Market Development.

To know more about CableLabs please go to

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ATEME stand at Cablelabs conference, Mars 2012

Paris, March 19th, 2012. Digicable, India’s second biggest cable operator, has chosen ATEME’s flexible and cost effective transcoding platform TITAN for all its Video On Demand transcoding needs. With India’s pay TV market becoming ever more competitive, Digicable chose ATEME for its combination of high performance, flexibility, and value for money, according to its Chief Technology Officer Asif Khan.

“We had high expectations for performance and throughput, but also had to be conscious of cost in a market where margins are tight and competition fierce,” said Khan. “ATEME has met these expectations not just for headline cost and performance, but also because the solution is scalable to support our future needs.”

ATEME provides customers such as Digicable with the flexibility to repurpose content for the growing number of target device platforms they need to reach, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. To reach such devices, operators need to support the key adaptive bit rate streaming formats such as Apple’s HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), and Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming. These are all included in ATEME’s TITAN transcoding platform, which is designed to transcode simultaneously into multiple profiles.

ATEME’s support for editing tasks such as trimming and file concatenation, to join multiple sequences together, were also important added value features for Digicable. In the TITAN workflow, long feature films originally available on multiple tapes can be automatically assembled into a single VOD file.

TITAN photographThese features together are making TITAN increasingly popular with operators deploying multi-screen services, according to ATEME’s Vice President of Sales Emmanuel Boureau. “TITAN is now serving more than 70 million subscribers worldwide with a combination of linear channels, Video On Demand, and Catch-Up services to TV sets, PCs, tablets and smartphones,” said Boureau.

About Digicable

Digicable is one of the largest Cable distribution company with a strong emphasis on quality of service and content. Digicable caters to millions of subscribers over 125 locations in 46 cities and 14 states across India. With fiber optic backbone across its networks and state-of-the-art distribution set ups, Digicable brings the digital age through Cable transforming the way viewers receive information and entertainment.


ATEME is a world leading provider of MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications.

28 – 29 of February 2012, ATEME and its partner GMDS Germany organised a two day workshop in Russelsheim near Frankfurt am Main. The main objectives of this workshop were – the introduction of the H. 264 contribution solution followed by the 10-bit and 8-bit video compression advantages overview supported by an ‘Hands On’ session.

The attendees were mainly composed of operators and broadcasters from Germany (HR, CBC, MB, HD Satcom etc) and Austria (ORF).

Volkmar SETZEFAND from GMDS Germany gave an opening speech and clarified the main objectives of the workshop.

Xavier GENTRIC from ATEME Company introduced the ATEME product line for contribution. He gave a brief overview of the ATEME encoders / decoders and listed all major advantages achieved by using the ATEME contribution solution such as the pristine video quality and the equipment interoperability.

Volkmar SETZEFAND presented the migration to the HD guidelines (document issued by German speaking Broadcasters on HD migration)

Mireille GRANET from GMDS Germany clarified Support Service Contract Agreement, which appealed to many guests giving them certitude and reinforced their confidence in the ATEME contribution solution.

Frank WINDHOVEL from GMDS Germany presented the 8-bit and 10-bit video compression which was supported by the ‘Hands on’ session conducted by Firdaouss KOUCHTAF from ATEME. She clearly proved the encoding difference results between the 10-bit and 8 –bit video quality.

All participants at this workshop have already had previous experience with the 8-bit video compression but to many the 10-bit compression video quality was something revolutionary. Almost all of them were seduced by the technical facility of the equipment setup and its simple use.

Written by Monika Fourneaux Ceskova; For comments:

The workshop space during a break


Happy attendees

ATEME at VidTrans12

ATEME contributed to the VidTrans12– Content in Motion, Annual Technical Conference and Exposition taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana, from the 28th of February to the 1st of March 2012.

The conference focused on the innovative types of networking and video technologies and their application to video transport.

Clement Duval, Pre-sales Engineer at ATEME US, presented an opening technical tutorial on how to solve the challenges faced by broadcasters and content providers in the OTT streaming market.
He started with a quick overview of all standards actually available. He further explained streaming configurations as well as the H.264 encoding parameters by providing technical elements for creating adaptive streaming content renditions.

Gustavo Marra, Manager- Applications Engineering at ATEME US, exposed his audience to the question of encoding and decoding interoperability for MPEG-4.

Both speeches were greatly appreciated by the wide audience.

The company has deployed more than 100 HD encoders for ISDBT and is also the dominant provider of Video On Demand transcoding in Brazil

ATEME, the leading provider of H.264/MPEG-4 video compression solutions, announced today that it has deployed more than one hundred Kyrion hardware encoders for High Definition terrestrial broadcasting in Brazil, making it the single most deployed brand for the Brazilian ISDBT standard.

TITAN, ATEME’s software transcoding product line, is also the solution used most broadly for the transcoding of Video On Demand content by Brazilian Cable, Satellite and Telecom service providers. Its unique Video Quality at low bitrates makes it the preferred way to prepare content for delivery to multiple screens.

ATEME is partnering with multi-screen video technology providers Broadpeak, KIT Digital, and Netgem for an “Over-the-Top” Television Seminar on March 5th in San Paulo, Brazil and March 7th in Rio de Janeiro.

The seminar is targeted to Brazilian operators who are challenged with extending their existing IPTV services to OTT and multi-screen solutions.

According to Gustavo Marra, Director of Applications Engineering, “ATEME and our partners will address how Brazilian operators can provide premium content services over the Internet and unmanaged services. In addition, we will show the operators how to reach a wider audience with the pristine video quality that is expected by the consumer.”

The “Over-the-Top” Television Seminar will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in San Paulo on March 5th and the Sheraton Hotel in Rio de Janeiro on March 7th, 2012. Both events will commence at 9am local time. For more information to attend the event, please visit

About ATEME.
ATEME ( is a world leading provider of MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient video compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications.

Kyrion AM2101 distribution encoder

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