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High fidelity video compression for broadcast
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Xiao Zhang is ATEME Sales Manager for APAC regions. He comes from China where he studied at the BIT (Beijing Institute of Technology). In 2006, Xiao entered the French school of Engineering in Paris – École Supérieure d’Électricité / Supelec, where he received his Engineer degree. Before joining ATEME, Xiao worked shortly at Gemalto, company specialised in digital security. Xiao speaks fluently Chinese, French and English.

Q: How do you see the evolution of broadcast industry in China?

XZ: Since China is a big country, the evolution of broadcast industry is very different from each region. In metropolitan areas like Beijing or Shanghai, HD contents are very common and IPTV is well adopted by the audience. However, in most of the countryside, Analogue and MPEG2 is still dominant. Unlike in other countries, the market is not saturated and there is place for every player.

Q: What is the biggest challenge for you when dealing with a Chinese client?

In general, Chinese decision makers are very conservative. Therefore, the biggest challenge is to convince them to try our solutions for the very first time. Once they see the product/solution is reliable, they are satisfied but it doesn’t mean you secured the client for eternity. Business is business and Chinese clients do not play on loyalty but on the “best deal” side.

How does it feel to work for French Company?

Despite the small size (ATEME has over 90 employees) ATEME is more an international company rather than typical French company and I am happy to make part of the ATEME Team.
We have many people from different countries working here and almost everybody speaks at least three different languages. I feel at ease and enjoy the multicultural environment.

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ATEME is invited to participate at a private seminar organised byThaiCom, the 29th of November at Rama Garden hotel in Bangkok, to present its latest technology on video compression.

ThaiCom’s main objective is to introduce new satelliteThaiCom 6and ThaiCom 7 and therefore asked ATEME to hold a presentation on “Contribution Compression System for Satellite Broadcasting”. ATEME will also display the 4:2:2 10 bit Encoder & Decoder solution at its Contribution stand to many ThaiCom clients.

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ATEME workshop in Madrid, Spain

ATEME together with its Spanish partners – Mercury Telecom and TSA – organised a workshop focused oncontribution solutions and multi-screen transcodingthe 13th and 14th of November 2012 in Madrid.

The workshop was divided in two different parts. The first part was presented by both ATEME representatives; Alvino CORDEIRO, ATEME Sales Manager and Firdaouss KOUCHTAF, ATEME Pre-sales Engineer, who spoke about the global overview of video compression market and addressed topics concerning highlights on Satellite Uplinks / IP networks, 4K 8K / HEVC, modulation news and ATEME key solutions.

The second part – Hands On – presented by Firdaouss, clarified to interested clients how to master the ATEME equipment operations.

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Pierre Larbier, Chief Technology Officer, ATEME

Pierre Larbier, ATEME Chief Technology Officer and a renowned expert in the field of algorithmic design and MPEG / H.264 video compression, spoke about the newHEVC codec at the conference MyTV on Wednesday, the 14th of November 2012 at SATIS with two other speakers from Ericsson and Envivio.

Each speaker presented new techniques related to video compression and all three agreed on the fact that the very near future belongs to HEVC, which will ultimately replace H.264. The HEVC great technical success lies within the bandwidth reduction and the delivery of excellent video quality to any device.
Therefore, by using HEVC broadcasters will be able to offer more content while keeping excellent video quality – the major end-user concern. In addition, HEVC coding efficiency gains open the way to UHDTV (Ultra High Definition Television) by enabling its transmission over existing networks.

HEVC will officially take off the first trimester 2013!

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Paving the way for Ultra High Definition Television

TITAN transcoding platform adopted by TalkTalk {PNG}Paris, November 12th, 2012. The newly launched UK TalkTalk TV service delivering live multicast and on demand content via the recently released YouView connected TV set top box is the first major TV service to exploit the latest high performance video compression technology from ATEME. TalkTalk selected ATEME’s TITAN platform for the YouView based service after being highly impressed by the picture quality delivered by the underlying software encoder called EAVC4, according to its Director of TV technology Brian Paxton.

“We needed to upgrade our current broadcast head end to allow us to expand our channel line-up, and looked at all the main encoding vendors,” said Paxton. “After evaluating these options we selected ATEME as the impressive picture quality achieved by the new ATEME EAVC4 technology exceeded that of the other vendors.”

TalkTalk logo {JPEG}TalkTalk has been using ATEME products since 2007, starting with offline encoders for preparing movie and other on demand content. “Even then we were impressed by the quality of the product,” said Paxton. But now ATEME has opened up an even bigger gap over its rivals with the EAVC4 compression engine, which enables operators to optimize video content for specific screen sizes and available bandwidths. EAVC4 represents a major leap forward in performance, with drastic speed improvements for all video quality (VQ) settings, and the ability either to encode faster at the current VQ level, or to significantly increase VQ while maintaining the current encoding speed.

The EAVC4 video encoding architecture exploits a combination of multi-processor and multi-core 64-bit architecture, and multi-threading from slice level up through macro block level, to achieve its efficiency gains. This has involved a complete redesign by ATEME, resulting in up to 20% bandwidth gains for progressive and interlaced content based on objective measures, and even higher gains based on visual perception.

For TalkTalk these capabilities are essential as it campaigns to become one of the UK’s major pay TV providers in the multiscreen era, leveraging its extensive content catalogue to target its existing base of 4 million broadband customers. The TV service is free to these existing broadband customers after payment of a £50 ($80) installation fee for the YouView set top box, and will provide access to over 100 broadcast channels, including free to air programming from the BBC, ITV and many others, as well as extra paid premium channels such as Sky Sports.


ATEME is a world leading provider of MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications. Find out more on ATEME’s technology and the EAVC4 codec on

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Mr.Hisham Ismail Suliman Arafat from INC Technology

ATEME together with its partner INC Emirates Technology exhibited the latest ATEME solutions for multi-screen transcoding, contribution and distribution. Thanks to a great exposure of the various TITAN solutions for multi-screen transcoding, we had many visitors to our stand asking detailed questions on the new EAVC4 codec which is providing excellent video quality and encoding performance at any specified speed as well as optimizing video processing to support multi-screen output.

TVConnect Middle East and North Africa 2012, is a show where you learn on new developments in the TV industry, but also have the opportunity to make deals face to face, do business, partner and network with senior decision makers from regional and international operators, satellite providers, cable providers, content aggregators and broadcasters.

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German TV service provider Betamobil extends relationship with ATEME after two years faultless video codec operation

German broadcast service provider Betamobil has extended its relationship with ATEME for video contribution by equipping a fourth DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering) vehicle with Kyrion Encoder/Decoder solution. This follows up to two years faultless operation of Kyrion gears in three other Betamobil DSNGs.

“Our decision to stay with ATEME to equip our new vehicle was very easy and clear cut, as they win out on all the critical points,” said Betamobil CEO Michael Hermann. “Reliability is crucial for our business providing live broadcast services, and we have had notably few problems with our existing ATEME equipment in two years. And when we did call in for support, the response was always immediate.”

Interoperability is also vital given that Betamobil has to serve multiple broadcast clients with a range of different contribution technologies of their own. “Compatibility of the system with all other manufacturers was a key requirement,“ said Hermann. “We have had no problem transmitting over the past two years with ATEME, and have started to use the devices for HD transmissions with Sky in Champions League football, as well as for ARD, ZDF, Arte, and Phoenix, along with other German and international television stations.“

Another major consideration for Betamobil in its choice of ATEME was future proofing, since in its business of providing satellite news gathering capacity on demand for multiple clients, it must be able to support the latest encoding technologies that may be required. “For us, it was clear that H.264 10-bit technology will be used sooner or later on the market, and ATEME already supports that.“ said Hermann.
The Kyrion encoders and decoders were supplied by ATEME’s German partner GMDS-Germany GmbH, which supported the installation, set up and testing. The equipment comprised the ATEME Kyrion CM4101 encoder, and the DR8400 decoder. The devices offer IP and ASI/L-Band interfaces, enabling transmission over either satellite or IP networks at up to 150 Mbps.

About Betamobil

Berlin based Betamobil has been offering TV services since 1994, specializing in Outside Broadcast events and particularly sports and news. Broadcasters such as ARD and ZDF use Betamobil’s DSNGs for occasional events or one off news coverage. Betamobil supports HD live production in Dolby 5.1, recording with up to 20 cameras, with provision of EVS including networked nonlinear editing positions at the production site or an EB team, as well as satellite transmissions, DVD productions and video projections. Beta Mobile has two HD OB vans and five DSNGs. Contacts: Michael Hermann, Thomas Busch


ATEME ( is a world leading provider of MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications.

Betamobile Truck

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