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and broadband.

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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has officially agreed on the release of the new video coding standard ITU-T H.265 (HEVC) last Friday, January 25, 2013.

ITU-T H.265 / ISO/IEC 23008-2 HEVC will provide a flexible, reliable and robust solution, future-proofed to support the next decade of video. The new standard is designed to take account of advancing screen resolutions and is expected to be phased in as high-end products and services outgrow the limits of current network and display technology.

Companies including ATEME, Broadcom, Cyberlink, Ericsson, Fraunhofer HHI, Mitsubishi and NHK have already showcased implementations of HEVC. The new standard includes a ‘Main’ profile that supports 8-bit 4:2:0 video, a ‘Main 10’ profile with 10-bit support, and a ‘Main Still Picture’ profile for still image coding that employs the same coding tools as a video ‘intra’ picture.

ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.

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New video codec to ease pressure on global networks

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ATEME, an industry leader in world-class video compression solutions, today announced it has selected long-time industry leader Mike Antonovich as its Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas. Antonovich, will lead ATEME’s expanding team throughout the Americas as the company continues its rapid trajectory in high quality traditional and multi-screen video encoding and transcoding solutions to address the evolving needs of the Broadcast, Cable, DTH and IPTV markets.

“As a well-recognized and respected global video solutions leader, Mike brings a wealth of experience, understanding and commitment to customer service that will strengthen our company and better serve our customers,” said Michel Artières, Chief Executive Officer for ATEME. “We are very pleased for Mike to be part of the management team and look forward to the creativity, innovation and energy that has fueled his remarkable career. His sales and leadership experience and key customer relationships will be invaluable to ATEME as we expand our market presence in the Americas.”

“I am very happy to join the ATEME team, as I’ve not only been impressed with their market leading technology, but also with the “bench strength” I’ve seen from an extraordinarily dedicated and talented team.”, said Mike Antonovich, “ATEME’s unique abilities preserve the world’s most valuable video content everywhere from high bandwidth video contribution right through to multi-screen and adaptive bit-rate video delivery on mobile platforms. ATEME is extremely well positioned to not only serve traditional television contribution and distribution needs, but to also deliver innovative solutions to the quickly evolving new media landscape.”

Antonovich brings more than 30 years of sales, marketing, operations, engineering and executive leadership experience to ATEME. He has served as Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Roberts Communications Network; President and CEO of Genesis Networks; President and CEO of The SPACECONNECTION; Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing for PanAmSat. He started his career as a Broadcast Engineer with ESPN and Group W Satellite.

ATEME ( is a world leading provider of MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications.

ATEME Press Contact:
Monika Ceskova Fourneaux
ATEME Corporate Marketing
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After the ATEME ANNUAL PARTNERS MEETING taking place in Amsterdam each year right before IBC, ATEME organizes its first ‘APAC PARTNERS MEETING’ focused on Asian business partners reselling the ATEME brand.

“ATEME counts many worldwide resellers who are strongly involved in our Partner program. According to regional market needs we are addressing different demands. With the growing number of partners in Asia we decided to organise a specific two days meeting in Phuket, where our Asian partners will meet and discuss together with ATEME management 2013 market developments, technology trands and business objectives”, said Monika Ceskova Fourneaux, in charge of ATEME Partner Programme.

“Thanks to our partnerships, the ATEME solutions are successfully deployed by many existing and new clients and the ATEME brand becomes widely recognized”, said Emmanuel BOUREAU, Vice President of Sales at ATEME and added, “Our APAC PARTNERS MEETING 2013 allows our business associates to become fluent with our products, solutions and strategy, and also to share and outlay their specific goals for the following year.”

The ATEME APAC PARTNERS MEETING 2013 is taking place in Phuket, Thailand; from the 26th to the 27th of February 2013.

ATEME visited CES 2013 in Las Vegas, last week. CES is the largest Consumer Electronics Show in the world where more than 150,000 visitors attend every year searching for innovative devices that will be available in retail stores in the short term.

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Between gadgets of all kinds, video is still the big star of the show. Most of the consumer electronic giants from the audio and video industry were concentrated in the Central Hall, by far the most crowded in the Las Vegas convention centre.

And following the recent trend, video capabilities is spread in all sort of devices – from the “old school” LCD / Plasma TV devices, smartphones and tablets (with un countless number of models and manufacturers) to the surprising glasses, watches and refrigerators where video is also supported. Video is definitively everywhere.

And if the number and types and models of devices with video capabilities are exponentially changing and growing, the screen (also known as “glass”) is not staying behind. If LED was revolutionary a few years ago, now it gives hands to LCD and Plasma in the legacy team – OLED was the big name in the screen topic of CES 2013. They are thicker, lighter and with great specs like brightness, contrast and response time – but it is also not new. The innovations presented at CES were the OLED big screens (56”) and the curved displays. “First” and “Biggest” were common words in most of OLED demos.

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But, if CES 2013 had to be summarized in one word, that world would be 4K (Ultra-HDTV) – easily! Ultra-HDTV was the most mentioned term in the central hall, with a premium spot in most of the video-industry booths, from TV manufacturers to technology / chipset developers.

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Besides the obvious applications of incredible video quality in huge screens (from 55”
to 110”), 4K was also seen in tablets, with screens as small as 20”.

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And CES was not only about devices and gadgets. HEVC, the new codec standard that is about to be launched, was also present in some of the video industry booth. In all of the demos, a comparison with the existing H.264 compression was demonstrated, in parallel with a brief explanation of the new codec.

Visiting CES helps us to understand how the Consumer Electronics will drive the audio and video professional industry in the short and long term. CES 2013 made very clear that the complexity of video processing is growing since the content will be consumed live and offline in all different kind of devices using traditional distribution technologies like terrestrial, cable and DTH, as well as new trends like OTT streaming and VoD – all at the same time, but in different sizes, resolutions bitrates and screen technologies. The only point of convergence is the consumer expectation: pristine video quality and great experience.

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This trend places encoding and transcoding solutions at the heart of the new era, where the “original” content will be processed to address the multiple formats and screens available today, and increasing everyday – and the result of this process will reflect in the experience and perception of quality the end user.

ATEME is proud to be a leading video compression solution provider to the broadcast and telecom industries with solutions to address from the conventional video applications to solutions for the new era, represented in CES 2013 by Multi-screen and 4K applications.

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Eutelsat, a leading provider of satellite telecommunications: TV, radio, VSAT services, broadband services via satellite, corporate networks has launched a dedicated demonstration Ultra HD channel for Europe on the Eutelsat 10A satellite.

ATEME provided the MPEG-4 video compression solution to support this pioneering launch. The content was produced in 4K and is delivered in a resolution of eight million pixels, four times the resolution of HDTV. The UHD channel is uplinked to the Eutelsat 10A satellite from its teleport in Rambouillet, near Paris.

“We are very happy that Eutelsat chose our solution”, said Claude Stoffel, ATEME Director for Contribution solution, and added ” 4K TV screens are today’s reality and end-users have high expectations. The quality matters and I am highly confident that the Ultra HD channel demonstration will meet a great succes.

TITAN Transcoding Solution has been nominated by Streaming Media Magazine

ATEME has been nominated in the category ’Transcoding Solution’ by the Streaming Media Magazine for the European Readers’ Choice Awards 2013.


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