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A few words about ATEMEs kick off meeting held last week in Paris

Notre Dame by K. SikorskaLast week I had the opportunity to participate in my first annual company meeting. Almost everyone from ATEME around the world joined our HQ in Bièvres; the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Europe were represented.
I was happy to finally meet those I have only communicated with by phone or e-mail. It is really great to put a name to a face especially when a growing company such as ATEME is hiring new employees around the world. Even if ATEME is a small company, I had the impression of being once again in a much bigger international corporation. No surprise when you know we had customers in more than 60 countries last year.

on the boatWe started the busy week with a keynote presentation of the 2013 accomplishments: Investments in R&D, in people, new products, growth, growth growth…. And our 2014 goals.
Another nice part of the kick off was the dinner and discotheque on the boat. We could admire Paris by night from the boat sailing between the Eiffel tower, Alexander III bridge and other monuments. I left by midnight as the next few days were looking to be very busy, but several guests stayed to dance the night away.


We met in a town near Bièvres and started 3 days of presentations and workshops on market trends, product roadmaps and our solution ecosystem.

playing baseball
Our American colleagues concluded the event with an impersonation of a baseball team to illustrate the rules of the game for everyone’s benefit – a good laugh to conclude a very dense week.

I’m sure this kick off will help ATEME to ensure the continuity of its success in 2014. It certainly helped to start the year off with a bang.

Dorota Bouskela
Corporate Marketing Project Manager

High-Quality Video Streaming Supports Multiple Production Workflows Over IP Regardless of Limited Connectivity or Unpredictable Bandwidth

PARIS – Jan. 21, 2014 ATEME, a global leader in advanced video compression solutions for the broadcast industry, today announced that, through its partnership with Zixi, LLC, the company has delivered the technology necessary to stream high-quality video over the Internet for Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) events.

The UFC’s plan to produce approximately 50 six-hour live fight events across the world, results in production challenges: Many locations and venues have limited IP connectivity, making it difficult to deliver an efficient means of video distribution.
The UFC selects best-of-breed contribution solution: UFC looked to technology partners, ATEME and Zixi, to provide a solution that utilizes Internet connectivity for the distribution of video content and new ways to support multiple production workflows over IP.
Successful proof-of-concept results in reliable connectivity: Based on the success of the initial proof-of-concept, a small rack now travels around the globe, to every fight, to supplement global satellite feeds with video-over-IP delivery.
Supports multiple production “cloud-based” workflows: This groundbreaking technology produces high-quality compression that allows the UFC to use any feed from its production truck and create distinct workflows to distribute video around the world. Additionally, the software has provided the UFC with the tools to develop a series of “cloud-based” workflows that include the live capture of events, statistics logging and live streaming.
Las Vegas UFC event demonstrates highly innovative application: The first successful trial of the technology took place in Las Vegas during the George St. Pierre/Hendricks fight on November 16, 2013 and is now in continuous use for all events.

Supporting quotes:
Christy King, VP technology R&D, Zuffa, LLCChristy King, VP technology R&D, Zuffa, LLC, said:
“We had significant challenges in delivering multiple formats of video with limited connectivity and unpredictable bandwidth. The Zixi/ATEME solution is an innovative approach that provides reliable video feeds for our staff, media partners and worldwide fans. The solution is a low-cost, high-quality video experience.”

Eric Bolten, VP strategic account development at Zixi, LLC, said:
“The integration of our streaming technology into ATEME’s Kyrion encoders and decoders delivers an enhanced quality of service over the ‘Open Internet’. The power of combining our streaming technology with ATEME’s world-class video quality is demonstrated in the successful launch by Zuffa/UFC.”

About ATEME:
ATEME is a world leading provider of HEVC / H.265, MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications. More information is available at

ATEME Press Contacts:
Dorota Bouskela
ATEME Corporate Marketing
T: +33 1 69 35 89 88

Kim Dearborn
Nadel Phelan, Inc.
T: +1-831-440-2407

By Mike Antonovich, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas

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of SatMagazine

No, I am not rewriting the Chinese astrological calendar, and it is still officially the Year of the Snake. However, in a satellite and broadcasting industry that is under highly disruptive change, I do wonder what the New Year will bring to us all.

In the beginning, there was television. OK, maybe not the exact beginning. Maybe just sometime during the last millennium. Really, really close to the end of that millennium. Like in the last six percent of that millennium. Either way, television as we have known it is in for dramatic changes. This is where the Chicken and Egg come into the picture.

As I’ve previously written, UHDTV is the latest digital video television standard that greatly expands the realism of our TV experience. UHDTV comes in two flavors: The 4K version (which, as it doubles the frame rate, will actually carry 8x more video information and which we will hear about for another year before most consumers actually see it), and the 8K variant (which carries 16x the video information) and is scheduled to show up in Japan by 2020. So much for simple-to-understand terms.

The big question remains as to where and when the entire UHDTV ecosystem will come together. The Egg side of the equation is driven by the television set manufacturers in Japan, Korea and China, who need to keep factories humming after selling us all the plasmas, LCD and LED TV’s we could possibly ever want. And trying to talk us into 3DTV’s, which, if they weren’t generally good regular HDTV’s, would quickly be going the way of the eight-track audio player.

Still, the TV set guys really, really need to drive the display market—and indeed they will. Let the marketing hype begin. We all need 84-inch and 100-inch televisions. Only, well, some of us need a 100-inch door to fit them in. And maybe a wall big enough to put it on.

Still, the price of first-generation UHDTV sets is already lower than what we paid for first-generation HDTV sets less than a decade ago. More than a dozen models are offered for sale today, and within the next two years you can expect most new sets sold will be “UHDTV ready.” So, the Egg will have done its part. But where are the Chickens?

I really am a big fan of UHDTV. The image scan be truly immersive and can give the “you ate there” experience.. But like the old joke about 300 channels on TV, but nothing to watch, the problem today is that there are no announced plans for any of today’s giants in linear television distribution to launch UHDTV channels. No live sports channels. No live movie services. And, except for Japanese public broadcaster, NHK, no terrestrial networks. There isn’t even an Aquarium Channel to watch colorful fish you never have to feed and never have to change the water.

Simply blowing up today’s HDTV images four times larger is a stupid pet trick that will get old pretty fast. So the Chickens in this allegory are, of course, the linear television networks, who of course have quite legitimate reasons why they aren’t rushing into a potential UHDTV Fool’s Paradise.

As I write this article, UHDTV goes nowhere without a simpler and more economical means to transport it over satellite, broadband or terrestrial networks. First and foremost, there isn’t even an “official” standard for how to carry UHDTV signals (natively eight times larger than HDTV signals) over HEVC (which will reduce that bandwidth by roughly half) yet. That finalization of the standard will arrive in early 2014.

Oh, and one little problem with the HEVC is that it is written largely to support the “progressive” versus the “interlace” video systems. Progressive, as many know, refers to one full frame of video following another, while the interlace standard transmits essentially half the information twice as often. While most would agree that high frame rate progressive is indeed the television production medium of the future, roughly 70 percent of the world’s programming is still produced in interlaced formats—that won’t change for another equipment-replacement lifetime. (Depending on who you ask, a “lifetime” in television is two seconds of dead air, a decade, or all of eternity; for this article, I’m going for the ten year definition).

My company, ATEME, is not just a leader in UHDTV over HEVC encoding, but also has been a strong advocate for inclusion of interlace within the HEVC encoding standard. Tools will exist to support interlace within the new UHDTV/HEVC. Good.

However, the industry still hasn’t actually defined a single wire interface for either encoders or the television displays. Today we all do UHDTV with four inputs into the encoders, four inputs into the display devices. It works for our “science projects” but is wildly impractical for broadcasters and consumers alike. Most television networks have barely paid off the costs of the standard definition to HDTV transition.

While we do have first-generation UHDTV cameras (and quite a few movie studios and producers of episodic television series are starting to originate productions in UHDTV forat least their program masters and for their libraries), what we don’t have is a complete ecosystem of graphics, slow-motion, replay and other key components to support live UHDTV sports production, without a doubt the biggest driver for UHDTV adoption. Similar to HDTV and 3DTV, most programmers have not yet figured out how to charge more to advertisers or subscribers for all the costs developers must bear to provide improved television pictures to their audiences. So, don’t blame the Chickens. They are a lot smarter than they look.

As the saying goes, “nature fills a vacuum.” If our “Egg” display manufacturers are running hard, and our “Chicken” programmers are dragging their feet, who is to fill the gap between them? If industry rumors hold any value, it will be the non-linear Over The Top (OTT) entrants, such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, who will get this UHDTV party started.

Unlike our friends in the DTH, Cable TV and traditional over-the-air broadcasts markets (who really don’t have a means of fitting UHDTV signals into their existing channel bandwidth today), the OTT players have an easier path to market. It’s called broadband Internet. Non-linear “file” delivery for movie and episodic television doesn’t require “new” bandwidth to deliver UHDTV television shows. You can do it today with products ATEME and other manufacturers produce. As with today’s file-based movie and television show delivery services, consumers can simply download files directly to the new “Smart TV’s.”

Yes, the files are larger and will take longer to download, but for early adopters who just plunked down $5,000 or more to be the first house on the block with a shiny new UHDTV set, this will be the first commercially available content they will find. With the new HEVC standard, and the improving broadband connectivity to consumers across the globe, launching or extending these services over the public Internet is possible and is widely accepted by consumers as well as by those who provide this connectivity; the cable and telco networks. It has become almost a “if we can’t beat them, jointhem” approach.

With terrestrial broadcasters (who as of today really don’t have the spectrum to support UHDTV signals) on the sidelines, and with the DTH and Cable TV distribution platforms facing “cord cutting” challenges to their traditional linear programming business models, will it be the OTT provider that fill the breach?

Quite possibly, will they allow the OTT “Fox” to run amok in the Chicken’s henhouse? If so, then just maybe 2014 will be known as the Year of the Fox…

Will the display manufacturers lay an Egg, and UHDTV fall as flat as Humpty Dumpty? Will the television platform operators and terrestrial broadcaster stay Chicken, or will they jump into the contest? Or, will they be outfoxed by the OTT platforms? Stay tuned—2014 looks to be a most interesting year.

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Mike Antonvich SVP and GM, Americas

About the author
Mike Antonovich has spent more than three decades in the broadcast, satellite, video fiber and video encoding marketplace. The opinions expressed in this article, published in the December 2013 edition of SatMagazine are his own, as nobody can put words in his mouth, nor shut him up. He presently serves as SVP & GM, Americas, for ATEME, and would be happy to have you inform his opinions on the future of our industry or just maybe sell you a video encoder.
He can be reached at

DIETZENBACH, GERMANY, Jan. 14, 2014 – Dimetis, a leading software supplier providing Operations Support System (OSS) solutions, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with ATEME, a global solution provider of advanced video compression for the broadcast and telecom industries. The new collaboration creates advanced solutions for premium content video networks, broadcasters and service providers.

The uniquely combined solution is engineered for Sports Television Networks (such as ESPN, ITV, Eurosport, Telemundo and Univision), Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) organizations, broadcasters and services providers. Combining the Dimetis BOSS LINK Manager® with the ATEME high-fidelity encoding/decoding platform creates a low-latency, High Definition solution for broadcast content. It is especially suited for operators who are transitioning from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 technology and need to transport live content over limited-bandwidth Satellite and IP networks.

Supporting Quotes:
Michel Artières, CEO of ATEME:
Michel Artières, CEO of ATEME“ATEME’s success stems from key partnerships, alliances and a dedication to providing exceptional video compression technology and excellence in customer satisfaction,” said Michel Artières, CEO of ATEME. “By combining Dimetis’ unique software solution with ATEME’s platform, we are able to provide network operators with the tools they need to transport live content where and when broadcasters need it. We are proud to align with Dimetis to bring this world-class innovative technology to our customers and theirs.”

Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh, COO & President US division, Dimetis:
Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh, COO & President US division, Dimetis“We are excited to be partnered with a world-class company such as ATEME,” said Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh, COO & President US division, Dimetis. “The unique combination of their encoder/decoder solution along with the Dimetis BOSS LINK Manager® will give customers state-of-the art video quality and power to easily manage their networks.”

About ATEME:
Headquartered in Bièvres near Paris, France, ATEME is a world leader in HEVC / H.265, MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for live broadcast contribution links, fulltime distribution services, non-linear file and live video streaming solutions for OTT, IPTV and VOD applications. More information is available

About Dimetis:
Based in Dietzenbach, Germany, Dimetis is passionate about an amazing customer experience. Their standards-based Broadcast OSS solutions are beautifully designed, easy to use, and highly scalable. The integration between the ATEME platform and Dimetis BOSS LINK Manager® combines a high-performance transport solution with a state-of-the-art control software that optimizes the media content flow across the video facilities and the communication network, facilitating media exchange usages and operational efficiencies. For more information, please visit

Dimetis Press Contact:
Doris Bock
T:+49 6074 3010 418

ATEME Press Contacts:
Dorota Bouskela
ATEME Corporate Marketing
T: +33 1 69 35 89 88

Kim Dearborn
Nadel Phelan, Inc.
T: +1-831-440-2407

by Tim Jackson VP, Media and Distribution Platform Sales ATEME North America

Tim Jackson, VP, Media and Distribution Platform SalesATEME’s first Consumer Electronics Show comes to an end today and it was an amazing success for all of us. Many customers and partners took time from their busy schedules to visit our demonstration suite a few blocks south of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was great to have our Advanced Research Manager, Jérome Vieron, here from France to showcase theinteroperability of HEVC with consumer electronics manufacturers like Broadcom,Toshiba and LG, and to explain our latest developments to customers.

As I’ve been reporting all week, technology evolution is everywhere. Nowhere is it more prevalent than in the media and entertainment sector. The combination of new and exciting 4K television sets combined with more advanced digital devices such as newer tablets and wearable technology continue to offer consumers unlimited choices for watching compelling video content. From in-seat viewing on airlines at the Panasonic booth to an extremely large-screen display showing football at Sony, the ubiquity of media never ceases to amaze me.
The most exciting thing for me is how CES connects what we do every day to the consumer – in seeing how our products and services enable and drive utilization and expansion of different devices, making television truly available everywhere.
As we visit with customers and partners at other industry trade shows throughout the year we will think back to CES and all the downstream capabilities available to consumers.

We wish all of you a successful 2014 and hope to see you at different events around the world!

CES 2014 wrap up

by Tim Jackson VP, Media and Distribution Platform Sales ATEME North America

Tim Jackson, VP, Media and Distribution Platform Sales

CES 2nd dayIt’s very exciting to have so many customers coming by our demo suite at CES. Everyone is very interested in seeing ourinteroperability with the 4K television sets. We’re showing video transcoded using TITAN File at 15 Mbit/s HEVC that looks absolutely fantastic on the 85 inch LG 4K display – it’s like looking out a window!

Between customer meetings, it’s back to the show floor to explore more of the consumer technology. Aside from 4K and ultra-HD, which we’ve talked a lot about this week, other prominent categories generating a lot of attention are wearable technology and connected home technology. I never realized how dumb my home really was until I saw some of these demonstrations! It seems that everything within the home can be monitored and controlled remotely. Health and fitness is an area where wearable technology is really evolving, with clothing and bracelets that can monitor heart rate, temperature, running or walking pace, and even your sleep quality!
Once again, I found myself really enjoying some of the robotic technology. The Jumping Sumo robotic toy by Parrot can jump 2.5 feet in the air and still land on its wheels. I want one!

Time to head back to our booth for more customer meetings. We’ll have our final report from CES tomorrow!

by Tim Jackson VP, Media and Distribution Platform Sales ATEME North America

Tim Jackson, VP, Media and Distribution Platform SalesWhen the show floor opened at 10am this morning, ATEME’s Ken Gerstein and I joined an estimated 150,000 of our industry colleagues in exploring the latest in consumer technology. Before heading to the Central Hall to see the latest television displays, we checked out the South Hall and found the Winbot, a robot that cleans windows. Hmm.

One of the neat things about this show compared to NAB (which is all broadcast industry related) is the varied products across all industries. We found a smart lawn watering system, a myriad of health and fitness related products, and an innovative smartphone and tablet screen cleaning solution that builds up a protective coating over time. They gave us a free sample to try out.
While the crowds in the South Hall were manageable, the Central Hall (home to the television set manufacturers) was swamped! LG and Samsung, two of the powerhouses in the TV set business, were extremely busy with people fawning over the latest in 4K televisions of 85 inches and larger. LG had a mammoth 3D display comprised of 140 individual monitors that looked fantastic. Over at Samsung, we found our way past the world’s largest washer and dryer (also Samsung products) to their 85 and 105 inch 4K televisions and curved OLED displays.
Besides the big players, there were several other 4K set manufacturers showing their wares, many of which I’d never heard of.

We only covered maybe 1/3 of the show floor before we headed to the ATEME suite at the Embassy Suites for customer meetings and demos.
A great busy first day of the show with more scheduled for the rest of the week!

CES Report – Day 1

Company Delivers High Performance HEVC Encoding Proven to Work with Industry Leading Decoding Solutions

CES 2014CES Las Vegas (Consumer Electronics Show, Embassy Suites Convention Center, Suite #818), Jan. 7, 2014
ATEME, a global leader in advanced video compression solutions for the broadcast industry,
today announced that it has expanded its cooperation with manufacturers of Ultra High Definition Televisions (UHDTVs) and 4K capable set-top-boxes, to guarantee flawless interoperability using the new High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard ahead of the first deployments scheduled for 2014.


  • ATEME’s TITAN encoders support HEVC with unrivalled compression efficiency for resolutions up to 4K, in Main or Main-10 profiles.• TITAN Live encodes linear channels up to HD from an uncompressed source (HD-SDI), or a compressed service (IP); TITAN’s HEVC output may be streamed Over-The-Top (OTT) using significantly less bandwidth than with H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
    TITAN File is an off-line video transcoder supporting up to 4Kp60 resolution and frame rate; it enables UHD Video On Demand (VOD) services for connected TVs and set-top-boxes, with bitrates ranging from 10 Mbps (4K cinema content at 24 frame per second) to 20 Mbps (4K high motion sports at 60 fps)
  • ATEME is working with the leading manufacturers of UHDTV sets, systems-on-chip and set-top-boxes to ensure the interoperability of TITAN with their most advanced decoding solutions for UHDTV and HEVC.• 4K TV sets presented at CES, such as those from LG Electronics, embed HEVC decoding capabilities that match or will match the formats supported by HDMI 2.0, including 60 Ultra HD frames per second with 10-bit color depth, and are fully compatible with the TITAN encoder.
    • TITAN has also been successfully tested with Broadcom’s flagship Ultra HD video decoder system-on-a-chip, the BCM7445, and set-top-boxes based on this SoC.

Supporting quote:
Jérome VIERON, advanced research manager, ATEME, said:

Jérôme Vieron

“In order to leverage the efficiency of the new HEVC codec in the field, ATEME and its industry partners are fully engaged in providing the thorough interoperability testing required by service providers and programmers. In 2014 we will see the first pilot services using HEVC for UHDTV and OTT video. This year’s CES show demonstrates the maturity and support of the standard in an increasing number of decoding or viewing devices.”

ATEME is a world leader in HEVC / H.265, MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for live broadcast contribution links, fulltime distribution services, non-linear file and live video streaming solutions for OTT, IPTV and VOD applications. More information is available at

ATEME Press Contacts:
Dorota Bouskela
ATEME Corporate Marketing
T: +33 1 69 35 89 88

Kim Dearborn
Nadel Phelan, Inc.
T: +1-831-440-2407

by Tim Jackson VP, Media and Distribution Platform Sales ATEME North America

Tim Jackson, VP, Media and Distribution Platform SalesDespite the best efforts of Mother Nature to keep me from Las Vegas, I managed to escape the harsh Chicago weather and arrived for CES early Monday morning. I’m always very excited about this show – people frequently refer to it as the world’s biggest toy store for adults!
Already there is a lot of excitement about the 4K/Ultra HD sets, particularly the curved 4K sets that Samsung showcased today at their press conference. In addition to 4K/UHD much of the show buzz surrounds mobility and wearable technology. I’m always interested in seeing if the wearable tech (it’s been making appearances at CES for a few years now) has any practicality to it or if it’s still a gimmick. Being an automotive aficionado, I’m also excited to see what the car manufacturers are showing for media integration. Ford, Audi and BMW all have interesting things to see at the show and I’m looking forward to visiting them.

Gregory Cox configuring The ATEME team spent Monday setting up our demonstration room at the Embassy Suites and we’re looking forward to seeing customers as well as the show floor beginning Tuesday.
It promises to be an exciting show!

by Tim Jackson VP, Media and Distribution Platform Sales ATEME North America

CES show floorHappy New Year from ATEME!

2014 begins with the annual Consumer Electronics Show, and ATEME’s Americas team will be there to meet with customers and highlight several important developments in the ATEME product line that enable exciting new consumer technologies that will be highlighted at CES.

Since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show has been the most important industry event for launching innovative new technologies, most notably in the video entertainment sector. CES was the launchpad for the VCR in 1970 and the DVD in 1996. I’ve been attending off and on for the past 20 years and was able to witness the excitement of the launches of HDTV in 1998, 3DTV in 2009, and Ultra HD last year (2013). In 2014, the focus will be on the next evolution of the television set with the 4K LED LCD displays. For those of us in the media industry, this show is really the world’s biggest toy store! My colleagues and I look forward to seeing what new and innovative products are introduced and what the popular press sees as ground-breaking.

ATEME will be showcasing several technologies designed to enable content distribution in the 4K environment.

  • Most notably, our TITAN File transcoding platform has the most advanced and efficient implementation of HEVC, the advanced compression technology that enables the higher resolutions of 4K and Ultra HD. HEVC is currently available on the TITAN File platform and is already in use by some of our customers.
  • In addition to the TITAN File platform, ATEME will also be demonstrating the TITAN Live transcoding platform as well at our line of Kyrion contribution encoders and decoders, all designed to ultimately enhance the home viewing experience when implemented by content and service providers.

If you or your company will be attending CES, please stop by our suite #818, located at the Embassy Suites Las Vegas Convention Center, 3600 Paradise Rd (just south of the Las Vegas Convention Center) for a demonstration of these exciting technologies!
My colleagues with the ATEME Americas team and I look forward to seeing you.

Tim Jackson, VP, Media and Distribution Platform Sales
Tim Jackson
VP, Media and Distribution Platform Sales
ATEME North America

ATEME at SVG’s TranSPORT event

Sports Video Group, representing leading industry figures in creation, production and distribution of sport content, organized a roundtable on 4k-to-the-home advances.

Representatives of major players in the field have participated in the debate among them Mike Antonovich SVP/GM, Americas, from ATEME.
How 4K will make it’s way into the home? Is it a real evolution of video production or just another gadget ?

On the link below, Jason Dachman, Sports Video Group’s managing editor, and his guests, give their enlightened opinion.

For more information about the event please click here.

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