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B. Fouchard’s interview with Digital Production BuZZ on LiveSphere

logo Digital Production BuZZDigital Production BuZZ is an international online radio show and podcast. Their podcasts cover filmmaking, video production, post-production, and distribution world-wide. Digital Production BuZZ informs, educates and entertains their listeners by showcasing the people creating the cool tools and those who are using them in creative or innovative projects.

Benoît Fouchard, Chief Strategy Officer ATEME

Larry Jordan Digital Production BuZZAfter discussing UHDTV in 2013, ATEME was invited to discuss LiveSphere, with Larry Jordan, digital media specialist from Digital Production BuZZ. In this interview, Benoît Fouchard, ATEME’s CSO introduces a new solution to broadcast 360 degrees video.

logo DigitalProduction BuZZ

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A few words from Hanoi workshop.

ATEME giving training in Hanoi

The 2014 ATEME training periods ended in the first days of December in Hanoi. With the support of Ubifrance (the French Agency for International Business Development) and our local partner BMTS, ATEME organized a very successful workshop in Vietnam.

Vietnam today has 6.5 million subscribers to pay TV in which 80% through cable. TV cable market has generated $ 227.47 million in 2013. It is dominated by SCTV which holds a market share of 34.20%, followed by VTVCab with 32.30%, according to the WhiteBook 2014 issued by the Ministry of Information and Communication. However this market is changing. The government has launched a masterplan to migrate to digital terrestrial television over a five to six year horizon. This plan is coupled with new distribution methods: satellite TV, IPTV, OTT, etc. With the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of screens, people are now willing to watch good quality videos, anywhere, anytime.

In this context, during the seminar we welcomed over 100 attendees from around 30 companies.The focus on ATEME was so huge that we had to extend the conference room to double the initial size with additional seats at the back of the room!

It was a great opportunity for us to introduce ATEME to Vietnamese broadcasters and Pay TV operators. We revealed many products, solutions and latest innovations with Live Sphere and UHD/HEVC. The audience showed a great enthusiasm and we definitively convinced them that ATEME is leading in the field of Video Compression Technology and Innovation.

Thanks again to Ubifrance for their support in training organization and Samsung Vietnam for their 4K TV screen.

by Sophie Percheron
Product Marketing Manager

Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season !

Date : 16 December 2014

ATEME’s Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday

first published in SatMagazine’s annual 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW issue

As the frost has left the pumpkins and finds its way onto my windshield (there must be a better ice scraper than my AmEx card), ‘tis the season for my annual reckless, feckless and fearless forecast regarding the future of our satellite television industry.

However, first, a recap on what I guessed right and wrong about the 2014 TV business.Last year, this SWAG’er-In-Chief (SIC) placed a bet that the traditional broadcast/programmers would be sitting on the fence in 2014 (which turns out to be true), while I expected to see major movement from the non-linear OTT players such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon (well… so far, not true, but the blockbuster announcement of HBO and CBS creating their own OTT plays does presage major changes in the distribution landscape). The TV display manufacturers have certainly done their part, with UHDTV setsnow widely available in every big box shopping outlet for fantastic prices. However, we all still seem to be content-starved—what’s going on?

Not everybody took 2014 year off—ATEME and some of the other video compression experts in this business have been quite busy behind the scenes trying to perfect the UHDTV “virtuous ecosystem.” The global television transmission chain is a highly complex neural network, and, with a lot of extremely hard work from many dedicated engineers all over the planet, preceded the ability for consumers to enjoy UHDTV in all of the technology’s living room splendor.

Last year, we talked about some gaps in the standards, namely around single wire interfaces to bring raw UHDTV in and compressed UHDTV out. Done. Check.

Next, the technical geniuses have to make certain the industry coalesces around best practices and optimizes the performance of the all important (yet, relatively stupid) decoder chipsets that populate every TV, Cable and Satellite Set Top Box (STB) as well as every phone, phablet, tablet. Well… we’re getting there. Great progress has been made, and ATEME has provided a great deal of expertise to display and chipset guys and gals and software decoder folk to make all their stuff work and be as fully interoperable to the H.265 standards as possible.

A small apology to the chipset guys… calling chips “stupid” is like calling somebody’s baby ugly. But, babies do get older and smarter. Chips just get older. Only mass volume produced chipsets can truly fuel universal, ubiquitous deployment of UHDTV. So, isn’t that chipset the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen?

The real smarts are in the complex encoder algorithms that eliminate redundant information (similar to every third word I utter) and translate complex picture changes into a language that allows the decoder chipsets to “paint” the picture screen dot by dot, pixel by pixel, in the most faithful and transparent means possible. This is as complicated as rocket science, only without the massive explosions and all that hydrazine punching holes in the Earth’s ozone layer…

What progress have we seen? Lots, actually. For the last year, ATEME has supported the 24/7 UHDTV satellite channel established by Eutelsat. We’re also providing the encoding for the UMAX 24/7 UHDTV terrestrial channel in Korea.

Some of you might also have seen the images from the Roland Garros tennis tournament or the Red Bull satellite demo at IBC2014—this UHDTV stuff works. While most of this content is converted from file and essentially played out like a video jukebox (in fact, this is the way most linear television services program everything save for live content). With file content, you can take the time to engage in multiple encode passes, which makes the video really, really good.

However, today’s addressable audience remains largely untapped with those brand spanking new UHDTV’s with built-in UHDTV/HEVC decoder chipsets. These, as I write, are still less than 5 percent of all the new TV sets on sale today, never mind the hundreds of millions of TV sets already owned. Hang on, for relief is en route.

You will see millions upon millions of STBs start to pour out of Asian factories early in 2015. They will soon allow for commercial program channel launches of UHDTV content. Satellite channel bandwidth for HEVC on the industry’s prime “cable birds” and DTH platforms will still be hard to come by, but for those of us who witnessed the launch of HDTV a generation ago… it’s the same script.

Just like how the smart folks at the old PanAmSat “borrowed” the “neighborhood” moniker from Hughes Galaxy (a tip of the cap to Eddy Hartenstein) to create the “HD Neighborhood” on a well situated (but largely empty) Galaxy 13 satellite, it won’t be long before somebody at Intelsat or SES jumps the starting gun and promotes the new “UHDTV Neighborhood.” Nothing changes but the names. For the DTH platforms, it generally takes a new satellite launch with available capacity at an existing orbital location to start the party. Call me Nostradamus, but I’d be looking at the upcoming launch manifests to figure out where that first DTH UHDTV “neighborhood” will reveal first.

Where are the sports guys? Well, they haven’t all been asleep at the wheel, either. Some industry stalwarts such as the European Broadcast Union have led the charge, transmitting three of the final FIFA World Cup matches in UHDTV over multiple satellites. ATEME supported this event, as well. The broadcast sports infrastructure still isn’t quite complete, so our usual industry leaders have been laggards of late, and probably will be for another season.

In closing, here is the view from the trenches, or from behind the satellite benches—the holiday season will see big promo launches of UHDTV television sets, with at least enough compelling Hollywood content (on internal or external memory) to hold you through New Years Day.

First quarter 2015 will see some online launch of mainstream non-linear movies and episodic TV to give those early UHDTVadopters something else to watch. The sports guys will continue to chase their tails like three-legged dogs until at least NAB.

Now for the disclaimer: The people in the know aren’t talking. If I actually did know anything (hey… it could happen…), I probably couldn’t tell you under NDA. Let’s assume I’m wrong and you get to say, “told you so!” And the next time, you buy me the beer (although a single malt Scotch would also hold my attention.)

I wish you all a safe, happy and festive holiday season—one of the elements I truly love about this business is the singular constant…. Change!

By Mike Antonovich, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas—Senior Contributor to SatNews Publishers

if you’re interested by insights from other contributors please follow the link on SatMagazine website:

Editor’s note: This article was submitted to SatMagazine prior to the recent DirecTV news of their OTT launch of 4K movies and 4K capacity on their next satellite… seems as though Mike’s reputation for boldly guessing the obvious remains intact… amazing.

the peilisali miror room capatured with ATEME's LiveSpherePARIS – Dec. 10, 2014 – On December 6, the Finnish Presidential Independence Day reception was held for approx. 2,000 invited guests at the Presidential Palace, followed by an “After Party” at Helsinki’s landmark hotel Kämp. These annual celebrations are consistently among the most-watched television events of the year, attracting more than two million viewers. Utilizing LiveSphere™, a 360-degree video broadcast solution developed by ATEME and its partners Finwe and Kolor, Finnish national public broadcasting company YLE provided its television audience with an immersive panoramic experience of the event on a wide variety of devices. to learn more.

News Facts:

This industry-first demonstration of LiveSphere sets the stage for future implementations of this game-changing technology.

  • YLE selects LiveSphere to deliver industry-first panoramic broadcast – YLE operates four national television channels that attract on average 44 percent of the television audience in Finland, Through its streaming service, Areena, the broadcaster provides its customers with game-changing programing for Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Chromecast devices, Web browsers with the support of Flash, select smart TVs and game consoles. In October of this year, Areena was launched more than 25 million times in one month, a stunning accomplishment considering the population of Finland is 5.4 million.
  • Streaming the Presidential Independence Day “After Party” – A tradition since 1919, the historical event known informally as Linnanjuhlat (“the Castle Ball”) is attended by dignitaries including the knights of the Mannerheim Cross, members of the Parliament of Finland, past Finnish presidents, various diplomats, entertainers and more. The “After Party” features live music, performances and interviews into the night, attracting more than 50,000 individual “second screen” viewers in 2013. A portion of this year’s event was broadcast live using LiveSphere and was made available to YLE Areena users.
  • LiveSphere provides live 360-degree television experience to home viewers – A 360-degree camera system was positioned in the “Peilisali” – the miror room – where the video feed, generated from the real-time stitching of six independent cameras, was encoded and streamed in HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) with multiple resolutions and bitrates. The stream was delivered to the Akamai Content Delivery Network and was viewable on Android and iOS devices. Live coverage of the event was broadcast from 22:15 until 23:15, in parallel to the on-air TV broadcast, allowing viewers to choose and dynamically modify their field of view by either moving the display or touching the screen.

Supporting Quote:

Sanna Hautamäki, producer, YLE, said:

360-degree video provides an interesting and immersive experience to the viewer, giving them the satisfaction of ‘peeking’ beyond the perimeter of the screen to see what is happening while giving the illusion that they are in the center of the action. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to see the event from a totally new perspective, emphasizing the live stream when the other TV cameras are not broadcasting.

See LiveSphere in action at CES, Las Vegas, Jan. 6-8, 2015, Palazzo Hotel, Lago Suite. Call 831-440-2407 to schedule a demo.

About ATEME:

ATEME (PARIS:ATEME) is a global leader in advanced video compression solutions for the broadcast industry and a world leading provider of HEVC, MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications. More information is available at

ATEME Press Contacts:

Dorota Bouskela
ATEME Corporate Marketing
T: +33 1 69 35 89 88

Kim Dearborn
Nadel Phelan, Inc.
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Jean-Marc Thiesse, ATEME’s research engineer shares his expertise on HEVC during the SATIS 2014 show. Video in French.

by RAHIMAN Abdul Haleem

ATEME's seminar at Bangkok

A good partnership is the key for success. We at ATEME always value our business partnerships with regional partners for mutual benefits to our end customers. The APAC team mobilized resources and logistics and with great help from our partner inThailand V-Media-A ran another episode of the Technology Workshop in Bangkok.

It took place on 3rd of December at a very elegant Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel in downtown Bangkok. Exceeding expectations, the Seminar was attended by more than 60 people. The attendees consisted of high rank technical experts, Project Managers, Engineers, Technicians from our customers, SI partners as well as industry consultants. As these seminars are becoming a much awaited events for the broadcast fraternity in the region, for this round here in Bangkok we managed to have speakers from HQ. Jean Michel Mercier (Head of Pre Sales EMEA & APAC), Michel Hello (Product Manager) and Abdul Haleem (Pre Sales Manager APAC) were presenting topics covering industry standards (very interesting discussion on HEVC andUHD/4K TV) and ATEME cutting edge technology solutions for broadcast and media delivery world. To ensure the attendees were not bored with hundreds of slides, the Workshop also presented hands-on demos of our Contribution Encoder – Decoder pair. A few videos were also shown covering niche technology such as ZiXi and HEVC vs AVC codec. These videos were an eye opener and drew much attention from the audience. In ATEME we are very proud to invest and conduct such Workshops/Seminars which are not merely about marketing strategy but also to share our knowledge and expertise of the industry with our valuable partners and customers. A similar workshop will be held in Hanoi next week by another team.

This is surely a very beautiful way for us here in APAC to wrap up the year which has been very successful and highly promising. We owe this to committed team work and solid partnership across the region.

Abdul Haleem
Pre Sales Manager APAC

Service Integrator XSN Group Deploys Carrier-Grade Video Processing Solution for Maxcom Telecomunicaciones

logo MaxcomMaxcom corporate officePARIS – Dec. 3, 2014 – Telecom organizations and service providers are looking to add multi-screen television services to their offerings but are faced with the ongoing challenge of providing quality video to customers even with limited network bandwidth. To assist in its efforts to bring television and Video On Demand services to its subscribers on any set top box, integrated telecommunication services operator Maxcom Telecomunicaciones selected ATEME for its TITAN “Any to Any” video encoding software platform.

News Facts:

Chosen for its highly skilled and dependable customer support, ATEME’s partner, telecom systems integrator XSN Group, was selected by Maxcom to implement the TITAN solution.

  • Service operator integrates software solution: Maxcom is an integrated telecommunication services operator providing widespread voice and data services to residential customers in metropolitan markets in Mexico. The company looked to ATEME’s technology for its superior efficiency both in space requirements in the head-end (density) and in bandwidth consumption (higher quality video with lower bitrate).
  • Software-based solution yields rapid growth: After only two years with a presence in Mexico, ATEME’s footprint in the country has shown record growth (100 percent+) in 2014, largely driven by the interest in software-based solutions for video transcoding.
  • TITAN Live Any-to-Any: ATEME’s carrier-grade video processing solution is a real-time, multi-channel/format encoder/transcoder for multi-screen delivery of linear channels (TV, mobile and Web) that includes support for live 4Kp60 HEVC encoding. The XSN Group also integrated ATEME’s TITAN File, a multi-codec/multi-format file-based video transcoding software that delivers improved video quality and bandwidth efficiency of content delivery over managed networks and the Internet, to any device such as UHDTV, TV, smartphone, tablet, PC or Web player. The TITAN “Any to Any”—any input, any output— a hybrid carrier-grade multiplatform solution with support of SDI and IP input feeds, was the perfect solution for today’s needs and tomorrow’s requirements. For additional information, visit

Supporting Quotes:

Miguel Angel Ceballos, VP operations, Maxcom, said:

In this fast-paced technology environment, nothing less than state-of-the-art video encoding performance will do. TITAN provides us with the efficiency we need to deliver the quality our customers demand. Both the XSN Group and ATEME teams provided us with the expertise to implement this technology and we look forward to providing our customers with the best the industry has to offer in TV everywhere services.

Edgar Ceron, CEO and president, XSN Group, said:

In order for us to offer excellent service to our customers, we have to rely on a product that is backed by technical expertise, as well as top-notch customer support. We depend on ATEME’s expertise to assist us in providing consistent quality for any video service that our service provider customers wish to deploy. This win exemplifies what great partnerships can produce.

About ATEME:

ATEME is a global leader in advanced video compression solutions for the broadcast industry and a world leading provider of HEVC, MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications. More information is available at

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