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Ukraine Service Provider to the Broadcast Industry Upgrades News Vehicles with ATEME’s Future-Proof Technology

Engineering Service DSNG VehiculesPARIS – January 21, 2015 – When Engineer Service migrated to HD in 2014, the company decided to select equipment that would allow it to service the widest possible customer base. ATEME announced today that Engineer Service has chosen its Kyrion line of contribution encoders and decoders, which has been certified by the European Broadcast Union (EBU) and deployed broadly around the world.
Kyrion encoders enable the global delivery of high-quality SD, HD and UHD sports and news broadcasting, regardless of location.

Key facts:

  • Empowering major news and sports coverage – Based in Kiev, Ukraine, Engineer Service operates and rents a fleet of outside broadcast vans and Satellite News-Gathering (SNG) vehicles that regularly cross country borders. Since upgrading its fleet, the company has covered more than 15 major news and sporting events, including the Ukraine presidential and parliamentary elections and all Ukraine-based soccer games of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.
  • High-performance solution ¬– The Kyrion CM5000 modular encoder is ATEME’s high-performance contribution and distribution encoder, offering interoperability, reliability and low delay. The Kyrion CM5000 supports up to 4:2:2 10-bit, the highest quality format available today and the default for premium sports transmissions.
  • Internationally compliant – Many of Engineer Service’s international customers are EBU member broadcasters. Key decision factors for selecting Kyrion encoders, therefore, included the fact that ATEME’s products are EBU compliant—critical for this market—and aligned with international requirements. In fact, ATEME is EBU’s encoder manufacturer of choice.

Peter Metalnikov, project manager, Engineer Service, said:

We serve a diverse international clientele who rely on us to provide reliable solutions for their broadcasting needs. ATEME’s encoders enable us to meet those expectations – and even exceed them. SNG operators love the fact that the noise level of the equipment is very low, much lower than our previous solution. Being able to offer leading-edge encoding gives us a competitive advantage.”

About ATEME:

ATEME is a world leading provider of HEVC, MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications. More information is available at

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by Ben Chen, Technical Account Director ATEME

B. Chen and Dr. Luo during the meeting break at High Efficient Video Encoding, Transportation and 4K Application Technical Forum

Recently ATEME China was invited to give a speech at the technical forum“High Efficient Video Encoding, Transportation and 4K Application”organized by China Telecom, China Telecom Research Institution, Shanghai Jiaotong University, NERC-DTV(National Engineer Research Center, Digital TV), Bestv, SIAA (Shanghai Information Household Appliance Industry Association), Shanghai Institute of Communications.

The aim of the event was to learn about China Telecom, Bestv and NERC-DTV’s current technical roadmap and to exchange with peers. Based on their industrial influence, companies were invited to give a speech or to participate in the event. Well established enterprises such as Intel, Dolby, Broadcom, Amlogics, Hi-Silicon, and our competitors were present: ATEME amongst them as a speaker.

We were invited to talk about “UHDTV & HEVC Standards & Market Adoption” and to present our point of view on new tv technologies. HEVC on ultra-high definition TV was a starting point. We defined UHDTV, HEVC, 4K and tried to answer such questions as whether there is a need to go beyond HD and what benefits we should expect from UHDTV and HEVC.The progress of 4K/HEVC technology was presented by ATEME while China Telecom shared its vision on 4K UHD & HEVC and on On-Demand Cloud Transcoding. Intel focused on 4K HEVC encoding technology over its platform using AVX2 and Dolby talked about Next Gen Audio Encoding Technology. The participants in the event were very interested in the frame rate applications (reduction of Motion Juder, increase of motion sensitivity) and our 10 bit improvements (which help viewers to take advantage of improved visual experience).

With LiveSphere presentation we shared our trust in the value of 360° video for broadcasters and content owners. Interested in Knowing More about LiveSphere ? Feel free to surf on its website or consult our newest press releases.

“High Efficient Video Encoding, Transportation and 4K Application” forum offered many opportunities to learn and share experience in the always changing world of technologies.

Ben Chen,
Technical Account Director

13 January 2015

Chris Chinnock of Insight Media in a comprehensive video highlights ATEME’s encoding technology and LiveSphere – 360° video broadcast solution, for live entertainment, sporting events and reality TV shows

Chris Chinnock, Insight Media video explaining Live Sphere

by Tim Jackson VP, Media and Distribution Platform Services

the “classic” technology on display at CES

the “new” technology on display at CES

As we said goodbye to 2014 and welcomed 2015, ATEME jumped off to an early start at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES is the show that sets the stage each year for what’s new in technology, and we enjoyed a week of meeting with customers and technology partners to discuss plans for the coming year.

CES is the largest tech trade show in the world, attracting over 160,000 attendees and over 3,600 exhibitors occupying over 2 million square feet of exhibit space. As was expected in the weeks leading up to CES, the buzz was all about UHD and 4K TV displays. Last year focused on resolution, and this year much of the focus was on better rendering of the images, with manufacturers showcasing their individual offering in color and dynamic range improvements.

ATEME is proud to be at the forefront in supporting 4K content transcoding with our announcement that TITAN File now supports the BT.2020 extended color gamut, joining other standardized formats such as BT.601, BT.709 and P3. Most of the discussions with customers and partners focused on how to make UHD/4K more compelling for the viewers. It’s an exciting time to be part of this evolving technology.

One of the fun things about CES is that they exhibits go far beyond the media and entertainment sector. Wearable computing, unmanned aircraft (drones), virtual reality gaming, and the internet of everything were prominently featured throughout the several exhibit halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Being an automobile aficionado, I also enjoyed the technology integration with cars that increases every year – in 2015, there was a lot more automation than in years past, so it will be interesting to see how quickly we get to ubiquitous full automated cars.

CES is always a great start to the year and provides a lot of momentum for us as we tackle the opportunities and challenges ahead. Happy New Year.

Tim Jackson
VP, Media and Distribution Platform Services

ATEME Adds Support for High Dynamic Range in Its TITAN File Production Workflow

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2015, (Consumer Electronic Show, Palazzo Hotel, Lago Suite) – According to Displaysearch, a global market research and consulting firm now part of IHS, Inc., 4K TV shipments jumped more than 500 percent Y/Y in Q314 to top 3 million units, bringing total shipments to 6.4 million units in 2014. While service providers around the world are launching or expanding 4K VOD services to satisfy the demand of new ultra high-definition (UHD) TV owners, content providers in general, and Hollywood studios in particular, are looking for ways to enhance the experience for viewers, not just with more pixels but also with a higher degree of fidelity in the rendering of those images. As a result of its cooperation with Hollywood majors, ATEME announced today that it has added a host of features to its broadly deployedTITAN File video-processing platform including:

  • Delivers more realistic or more vivid colors – TITAN File now supports BT.2020 extended color gamut to enable more realistic or vivid colors, all according to the original creative intent. Files created with TITAN can be signaled as BT.2020 when the source content is already referencing this color space, or converted from other color spaces such BT.601, BT.709 or P3.
  • Support of high dynamic range (HDR) – Allows for enhanced contrast by signaling the electro-optical transfer function (EOTF) as SMPTE ST 2084 Perceptual Quantizer (PQ)
  • Enables higher-fidelity rendering – By signaling the characteristics of the reference display used by the artist to create the original program, TITAN File implements the SMPTE ST 2086 mastering display metadata standard.
  • Native support of the SMPTE Interoperable Master Format (IMF) – Includes the IMF composition playlist, an important feature to streamline UHDTV content delivery workflows.

Jerome Vieron ATEME Advanced Research ManagerJérôme Viéron, Advanced Research Manager, ATEME said:

ATEME has been heavily engaged in researching new television formats as part of the 4EVER project, a collaborative program that was launched in 2012 with partners including Orange Labs and France Televisions. The addition of HDR support in our products is a logical outcome of this research effort, which has established the value of enhancing the television experience not just with more pixels, but also with better pixels.”

“Global TV Shipments Rebound, LCD Growth Significantly Improves, According to Displaysearch,” Nov. 25, 2014,

About ATEME:

ATEME (PARIS:ATEME) is a global leader in advanced video compression solutions for the broadcast industry and a world leading provider of HEVC, MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications. More information is available at

ATEME Press Contacts:

Dorota Bouskela ATEME Corporate Marketing
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Kim Dearborn Nadel Phelan, Inc.
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STMicroelectronics and ATEME Demonstrate LiveSphere on Set-top Box at CES 2015

logo stmicroelectronicsLAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2015, (Consumer Electronic Show, Palazzo Hotel, Lago Suite) – At CES 2014, ATEME, together with its partners Kolor and Finwe, announced LiveSphere, an end-to-end live video broadcast solution that captures, stitches, streams and displays video to provide an interactive consumer experience for tablets, smartphones and virtual-reality headsets. ATEME announced today that this immersive experience is now possible on the television in the living room, allowing a viewer to dynamically change their field of view using a remote control.

News Facts:

  • LiveSphere application runs on Android set-top box (STB) – In this demonstration, the LiveSphere client application runs on an STB reference design based on the STMicroelectronics Cannes chipset under the latest Android L operating system.
  • The Cannes chipset is capable of decoding Ultra High Definition (UHD) – UHD decoding performance in the STB allows the capture and transmission of the entire spherical video with a great level of detail.
  • Uses 4MOD200 remote control to navigate 360 degrees – The dynamic selection of the field of view relies on a remote by 4MOD Technology, a leading provider of innovative wireless user interface solutions. The selected field of view is output over HDMI to any HD or UHD TV set.
  • Value-add for service providers – This demonstration shows an interactive high-quality television experience that service providers can offer to their broadband subscribers with an UHD-capable STB, even when they do not yet own an UHDTV set.

Ismail Allalcha, manager of strategic & ecosystem marketing, Digital Consumer Group, STMicroelectronics, said:

LiveSphere is a real innovation in the way we watch television, providing the end user with the possibility to navigate inside live events using a remote control. This demonstration confirms the maturity and performance of our well-established Cannes and Monaco chipset families, which can reach resolutions of up to Ultra HDp60 – a definite advantage for 360-degree video applications.”

The LiveSphere on STB demonstration will be on display in an STMicroelectronics’ private suite and in the ATEME private Lago suite at the Palazzo during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2015.

logo 4mod

About ATEME:

ATEME is a world leading provider of HEVC / H.265, MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications. More information is available at

ATEME Press Contacts:

Dorota Bouskela
ATEME Corporate Marketing
T: +33 169-358-988
Kim Dearborn Nadel Phelan, Inc.
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