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Author: Mr. Thomas Dufermont

Globo Play web 2016 is off to a fast start, with the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas concluding last Saturday, January 9th. The show continues to broaden from strictly “consumer electronics” into a very broad consumer technology showcase, as one of the main areas of focus this year was on automotive technology and autonomous (self-driving) vehicles. Venturing into the North Hall, one might think they’re actually at a car show rather than the largest global trade show for consumer technology, and the car makers are taking notice, with greater participation each year.

For ATEME, however, our focus continues to be in the video space as we continue our global leadership in the development of video encoding and transcoding solutions for studios, programmers and service providers. CES provides some good insight into what is driving consumer demand and how we can answer that demand with high-quality and competitive solutions.

In the Central Hall, the usual leaders in television displays (LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony) continued to show their latest offerings that support the latest in high-dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut support. LG’s OLED displays continue to evolve, Samsung showcased their latest SUHD displays, and Sony gave a sneak peek at their new Backlight Master Drive technology, which provided a look at amazing blacks and very broad dynamic range, with a peak brightness level of over 4,000 nits. HDR and wide color gamut support by these and other manufacturers will allow consumers to experience content in a way never before seen in the home, and ATEME is proud to have been at the forefront in developing tools in our TITAN File transcoding software to make this all possible.

ATEME was also proud to participate in a demonstration of the proposed ATSC 3.0 standard with Sinclair Broadcast Group, which involved the transmission of high-dynamic range 4KTV over the air to a prototype reception device developed by Sinclair subsidiary ONE Media, and Technicolor. CES provides a jumping-off point for those of us in the broadcast technology industry to see where consumer electronics are heading so we can continue to innovate and develop solutions to support the development of content and networks that will leverage that technology.

Beyond self-driving cars, wearable technology and drones, CES 2016 provides a look at the technologies we all use today, both at work and at home. Happy 2016!

Tim Jackson VP Media and Distribution Platform Sales

PARIS, MIAMI, SINGAPORE, JANUARY 19, 2016 – Globo, the largest commercial TV network in Latin America, has deployed ATEME’s innovative TITAN stream processing system to power 4K content on its new OTT multi-screen services. The newly launched Globo Play services are available on smart TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets. The first TV shows to benefit from this UHD resolution will be the 2014 mini-series “Dupla identidade“, followed by “Ligações perigosas“, which will air in January 2016. The TITAN solution delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates for cable, DTT, DTH and OTT. Utilizing high density software compression, TITAN is based on the ATEME fifth Generation STREAM© compression engine, and runs on any operating system — Linux, Windows and virtual machines. TITAN is the ideal solution for converged headend, servicing main and multi-screen applications.

“Globo Play platform enhances our offering to our current customers by delivering their favorite shows live and on demand to any screen,” said Marcelo Souza, Digital Media Technology Director at Globo “ATEME TITAN enables us to launch our UHD OTT service at minimal bitrates and at the same time, deliver high video quality”. Gustavo Dutra, Brazil’s Country Manager at ATEME, said:

“Working closely with Globo, we fine-tuned our TITAN solution to provide the highest quality service at minimal bit rate. Our global experience in OTT UHD deployments led to a seamless integration with TV Globo eco-system, from the CDN to mobile device players and smart TVs. ATEME’s solutions offer the industry-leading video quality, scalability, and growth options that will support TV Globo’s continued development for the years to come”.

About ATEME:

ATEME (PARIS: ATEME), Transforming Video Delivery. ATEME is a global leader in HEVC, H264, MPEG2 video compression solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT. More information is available at Follow us on Twitter:@ateme_tweets and LinkedIn


ATEME Press Contacts:

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ATEME Corporate Marketing

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24 December 2015

ATEME’s Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday.

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PARIS, MIAMI, SINGAPORE, JANUARY 05, 2016 – ATEME has been selected by MCS TV (ALTICE Group), the leading independent French TV channel dedicated to sports, to power its brand new 4K-UHD channel.

Initially, it will be launched in France on cable and optical fiber networks, before being exported abroad in the coming months. In another global first for ATEME, the agreement demonstrates the company’s technological leadership in its field, deploying high video quality channel in record time. TITAN is a high video quality, high density software compression solution, designed for Cable, DTH, and OTT. It delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates, addressing main screen and multiscreen applications, from mobile resolutions up to UHDp60. TITAN is a complete distribution solution including SDI and IP I/O’s, encoder, transcoder, multiplexer, statmux, packager and origin server. With its powerful user interface, management system and extensive set of API’s, TITAN can easily integrate with any ecosystem, reducing time-to-market and OPEX.

“We choose TITAN File for the transcoding of our 4K content in HEVC for our play-out server and TITAN 4K for the transmission of our live events, based on the products’ degree of maturity and reliability and its ability to evolve to suit future UHD formats,” said Mickael Czmara, CTO at MCS TV. “Using pure software solutions running on COTS HW provides the flexibility we need, and will also lead to additional financial and operational efficiencies across this area of our business.” 

Claude Stoffel, Director of Sales at ATEME said:

“Since TITAN is a future-proof solution, with a path to 4K-UHD HEVC, HDR and BT.2020 color space, it has been largely approved, adopted and deployed by various tier 1 broadcasters and service providers all around the world.” 

About ATEME:

ATEME (PARIS: ATEME), Transforming Video Delivery. ATEME is a global leader in HEVC, H264, MPEG2 video compression solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT. More information is available at Follow us on Twitter: @ateme_tweets and LinkedIn

ATEME Press Contacts:

Dorota Bouskela

ATEME Corporate Marketing

T: +33 169-358-988    E:

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