Software-Based Live Video Compression for Distribution Applications

As a truly virtualizable, hardware- and OS-agnostic solution, TITAN Live enables deployments on and off premises – ranging from an appliance-like installation on bare metal to a Docker orchestrated Cloud-native solution.

TITAN Live is based on ATEME 5th Generation STREAM compression engine, delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with accelerated parallel processing.

Addressing main screens and multiscreen applications, from small resolutions up to UHDp60, TITAN Live addresses current and future requirements.

TITAN Live is a complete distribution solution: Encoder, Transcoder, Multiplexer, Statmux, Packager and Origin.

With powerful user interface, management system and extensive set of APIs, TITAN Live can easily integrate with any ecosystem,  reducing time-to-market and OPEX.

Winner of the 2021 CSI Awards for Best Ultra-HD TV Technology/Project!

Value Proposition

  • Benefit from the highest video quality thanks to continuous improvement for all codecs
  • Absorb peak loads thanks to TITAN Live elasticity
  • TITAN Live being a future-proof software-only solution:
    • Increase your density on demand and add new services via a simple and easy-to-install software upgrade
    • Reduce your data-center CAPEX with a high density platform
    • Reduce your integration OPEX and challenges

Key Features

  • High Video Quality – High Density
  • Pure CPU solution, Linux, Windows, VM
  • Mobile to UHD resolutions
  • HEVC, H264, MPEG2
  • Low-Latency mode
  • Audio levelling
  • Channel branding – logo insertion
  • Optimized statistical multiplexing over IP
  • Flexible Redundancy Scheme 1+1, N+1, N+M