Sales Leadership

VP of

Emmanuel Boureau

VP of
North America

Chad Hassler

VP of
Latin America

Ezio Sanchez

VP of
Asia Pacific

Yoann Poizeau

Corporate Leadership

ATEME’s executive team brings decades of experience and leadership that guide the company’s direction. Since the founding of ATEME the company has been led by an experienced management team that combines engineering talent with business talent and commitment to customers proven in the broadcast and broadband industry.

Co-founder, President, CEO

Michel Artières

Chief Technology Officer

Pierre Larbier

VP of

Thierry Marre

Chief Finance Officer

Fabrice Sana

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Soueidi

Chief Marketing Officer

Yossi Aloni

VP of

Rémi Beaudouin

Board Members

ATEME’s Board of Directors is a group of private equity firms with a focus on technology, individual investors and management. They determine company strategic directions with the target of ATEME’s profitable growth.

Michel Artières

Joanna Darlington

Laurent Cadieu

Jacques Galloy

Dominique Agrech

Benoit Fouchard

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