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ATEME at VidTrans12

ATEME contributed to the VidTrans12– Content in Motion, Annual Technical Conference and Exposition taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana, from the 28th of February to the 1st of March 2012.

The conference focused on the innovative types of networking and video technologies and their application to video transport.

Clement Duval, Pre-sales Engineer at ATEME US, presented an opening technical tutorial on how to solve the challenges faced by broadcasters and content providers in the OTT streaming market.
He started with a quick overview of all standards actually available. He further explained streaming configurations as well as the H.264 encoding parameters by providing technical elements for creating adaptive streaming content renditions.

Gustavo Marra, Manager- Applications Engineering at ATEME US, exposed his audience to the question of encoding and decoding interoperability for MPEG-4.

Both speeches were greatly appreciated by the wide audience.