BISS-CA : EBU Royalty Free, Open Standard Conditional Access by ATEME

PARIS, DENVER, SINGAPORE, SAO PAULO, April 05 2018 – ATEME, a global leader of compression solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT, announces today the availability of BISS-CA (EBU Tech 3292-1) support in the TITAN and Kyrion products.

The BISS-CA is an enhanced, secured solution of the BISS protocol with dynamic rolling keys support; which unlike other proprietary solutions, enables interoperability of any standard compliant encoder and receiver, with a conditional access controller. The BISS-CA solution can add or remove a specific receiver or several receivers in real-time, without any distraction to other receivers. It is a royalty free, open standard developed by the EBU Technology & Innovation to strengthen live content security.

  • Future-proof: Open standard allowing workflow flexibility.
  • Secure: 128-bit rolling keys.
  • Agility: Management of one or many receivers as per distribution rights.
  • OPEX savings: based on open royalty free standard.

‘’We are pleased to assist the EBU Technology & Innovation with the introduction and launch of BISS-CA“, said Julien Mandel, Contribution Marketing Manager at ATEME. “With ATEME’s high video quality at low bitrate and the royalty free secured BISS-CA we enable our partners to continue and reduce their OPEX.”

Mr Adi Kouadio, Development Lead at EBU Technology & Innovation, says: “Developing this new technology standard was a great collaboration between the EBU and key industry players such as ATEME to address an important business need in the world of live content exchange. ATEME’s unique competence and reliability were key to achieve our goals. ”


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