Fox Networks hosts the spring meeting of WBU-ISOG in Los Angeles

Accueil / Blog / Fox Networks hosts the spring meeting of WBU-ISOG in Los Angeles

This year the WBU-ISOG forum was hosted by FOX Networks. Several provocative updates were provided by key industry leaders from SNG, Satellite, Format Deliveries, and Broadcast.

With the specter of Radio Frequency Interference and impending telco encroachment on satellite frequencies, ATEME’s Gregory Cox, Sales and Applications Engineer, provided an update pertaining to the advancements being made with ATEME’s HEVC codec and highlighted how HEVC can be delivered today which sparked optimism among many SNG Providers and Broadcasters present at the forum.

HEVC is here and can be delivered to end users…..ATEME has this capability today.

Well aware of the broadcast industry’s voracious appetite for bandwidth, the brows of attendees were raised in excitement. As a part of an aggressive timeline, slated for the 3rd quarter, it is expected that the first HEVC deliveries will be specific to OTT (Mobile Devices) workflows.

Countering the concern that the HEVC standard only allows for progressive video formats, Gregory explained that ATEME, working the HEVC codec from the ground up, has the ability to take interlaced content and process it as progressive for deliveries using de-interlacing algorithms, field coding, and SAFF.