ATEME enables OTT providers to offer high-quality video services, while minimizing the operational costs associated with video processing, storage, and CDN delivery. Whether you’re offering, live, VOD or time-shift TV services, our solutions enables further monetization of OTT content through addressable ad insertion.
The high performance and excellent support from ATEME for the offline VOD transcoding made it clear that TITAN was the right choice for expanding into OTT streaming, it was a very good experience and ATEME’s support was perfect
General Manager for IPTV Operations and Technology, Intigral
Tony Saab

ATEME’s video processing solution focuses on superb video quality compression, and integrated multi-protocol packaging and origination.

Our Ecosystem enables pre-processing of content and re-purposing for different target devices, as well as a cost-effective creation of live OTT channels, Time-shifted TV, and ad insertion into any of these services. OTT Providers may choose to push the ABR packaged content directly into a CDN or use TITAN Origin to add time-shifting, Cloud DVR & Just-In-Time-Packaging and have the CDN pull content from the Origin Server.

The TITAN product family is based on pure software running on COTS HW and supports virtualized software environments, enabling data-center economics and operational efficiencies.

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