Low latency and broadcast-quality content, even during peak viewing

Video CDN: Scale your OTT service for peak viewing with NEA-CDN®

Build your own CDN to deliver low latency and broadcast-quality content, even during high viewing periods, with ATEME’s video CDN solution.

ATEME’s Content Delivery Network solution, NEA-CDN®, enables you to build a CDN that reduces costs while scaling for peak viewing.

It does this by using advanced video-caching algorithms, such as content awareness, to improve caching efficiency and hit-ratio. Coupled with our chunk-sharing technology between live and Cloud DVR services, it also enhances content delivery performance and optimises network usage by up to 30%, saving you money.

NEA-CDN can also run on an elastic Cloud infrastructure that can match any viewing demand by temporarily scaling up during peak events. Alternatively, for managed mobile and IPTV networks, it can also use Multicast ABR technology so that high audience streams can be played back immediately by an unlimited number of viewers, simultaneously. For unmanaged networks, it can also use peer-to-peer acceleration to overcome network capacity limitations.

This means you deliver low latency, broadcast-quality content – cost-efficiently – and even during the highest peak periods. And you give your viewers a consistent Quality of Experience.

NEA-CDN® wins the 2019 CSI Award in the “best Cloud / virtualisation innovation” category

Value Proposition

  • Scale your CDN temporarily to match audience peaks
  • Save network bandwidth with enhanced request routing to the selected origin servers depending on content type
  • Save storage costs with more efficient caching dynamically applied on popular content

Key Features

  • Adjusts to your traffic flows – NEA-CDN is a highly scalable and elastic video CDN
  • Supports any adaptive streaming format: HLS, Smooth streaming, DASH
  • Powers your marketing with business dashboards for audience measurements, asset popularity, and user behaviour analysis
  • Easy to manage with technical dashboards for capacity planning and infrastructure management