ATEME enables cable operators to offer high-quality video services including Live TV, VOD, Time-shift services and Cloud DVR across both traditional STBs as well as IP video devices.

Our leading video processing solution allows MSOs to offer more video content at higher resolutions and overall better quality, while reclaiming QAM spectrum for further DOCSIS expansion, and migration to IP video.


ATEME’s video processing solution focuses on superb video quality and compression.

By utilizing the TITAN based family of products in the national and regional headends, MSOs can generate all of the profiles and protocols required for delivery to any device. The TITAN product family is based on pure software running on COTS HW and supports virtualized software environments, enabling data-center economics and operational efficiencies.

ATEME Management System offers a complete management and monitoring solution for the cable headend.

MSOs may choose to place a Kyrion encoder at the Content Provider facility in order to receive high quality mezzanine live sources into their national and regional headends, or use the existing sources available through satellite distribution.