Cloud DVR

Being able to record live TV shows is a major consumer demand. So you need a Cloud DVR, which enables you to offer the possibility of unlimited recording to your viewers, on every screen. There’s no need to purchase a physical box, and delivery and repair costs become a thing of the past.

With ATEME, you can increase customer satisfaction and ARPU, while reducing your operational costs. You can do this through our Infinite Buffer, which streamlines asset and storage management. We only keep content that viewers have recorded, so you optimize storage and gain up to four times more capacity.

Storage is an important part of any Cloud DVR solution. That’s why we designed a hyper-convergent storage system specifically for video, called Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS). EDS simplifies the integration between streaming and storage by embedding storage on origin servers, which halves the number of physical rack units needed. EDS can be part of our solutions, or if you prefer to work with an external NAS, we can do that too.

And since consumers aren’t restricted to the capacity of a physical DVR, you have the flexibility to adapt new pricing models to evolving recording needs, to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately, ARPU.

Key Features

  • Lower your storage and operational costs
  • Boost viewership engagement with seamless Quality of Experience
  • Improve ARPU with market differentiator

How We Help

    • Reduce operational overhead costs enabling business logic, metadata-driven automation
    • Ensure service levels are met
    • Reduce storage cost

Software-Based Live Video Compression for Distribution

Unlimited recording on every screen