Technology Firsts

We have a decade of technology leadership !

ATEME has maintained its research and development excellence over the years and has remained  at the front of new technology developments based on its R&D efforts. The company  was the first vendor to introduce a 10-bit encoding solution, which has proved to not only be successful in the contribution segment, but is also quickly becoming an important requirement industry-wide. ATEME was one of the first few encoder vendors to start demonstrating HEVC, and has continued to demonstrate advancements in market-ready HEVC products. In addition to continuing the development work on its HEVC codec, ATEME is also going the extra mile through its industry partnerships in interoperability testing and research and development projects.

2016 - Technological world premiere of a live end-to-end ATSC3.0 delivery chain

ATEME takes part to the technological world premiere of a live end-to-end ATSC3.0 delivery chain by encoding 4K-UHD HDR content in HEVC.

2015 - First ever Ultra HD (UHD) with High Dynamic Range (HDR) commercial VOD service for Twentieth Century Fox.

ATEME enables distribution of the first ever Ultra HD (UHD) with High Dynamic Range (HDR) commercial VOD service for Twentieth Century Fox. This collaborative technology enables stunning picture quality and true-to-life colors that capture the thrilling theatrical experience to enhance consumers’ viewing experience at home.

2014 - First 4K Cable channel, UMAX

Korean content aggregator Homechoice launches the world’s first commercial channel in Ultra High-Definition using ATEME’s TITAN.

2013 - First 4K experimental channel by Satellite

At CES in January 2013, Eutelsat launched the world’s first 4K experimental channel, using TITAN File MPEG-4 AVC encoding of a limited set of promotional content, and a set of 4 Kyrion receivers to decode the signal.

2010 - First Full-HD 3D contribution link

ATEME enabled the transmission of a full-HD stereoscopic 3D signal during the semi-final event of the “French-idol” in May 2010.

2009 - First 4:2:2 10-bit AVC/H.264 encoder and decoder pair

First MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 4:2:2 10-bit encoder and decoder implementation, in the Kyrion product family, for use in broadcast contribution of premium sporting events.

2008 – First professional file transcoder offering a compliant 2-pass VBR mode

With the availability of the KFE transcoding software version 2.0 in 2008, ATEME introduced for the first time a professional 2-pass VBR mode that takes advantage of the content complexity variation to allocate bit-rate only when needed.

2007 - First AVC/H.264 SuperHiVision encoding system

ATEME participated in the Japanese SuperHiVision program by providing the first AVC/H.264 encoding system.

2006 - First sub 6Mbps HD broadcast using High profile AVC/H.264 video encoding

The 2006 French open tennis tournament was for ATEME an important landmark: A major live event was distributed over Free Telecom’s IP network in High Definition for the first time. 55 000 subscribers of Free’s triple play service actually enjoyed the event in HD at home using their DSL connection.