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Impressions from APAC Kick-Off and Training in Bali by Abdul Haleem Rahiman

ATEME members and partnersIt was a great mixture of business talks, technical training, social networking and of course pleasure and fun. For almost 2.5 days Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel in the beautiful and charming island of Bali hosted ATEMEians as well as ATEME’s partners all over Asia Pacific.
For the second year in a row the APAC Kick-Off and Training session was successful. Not only did we have a higher number of partners participating in this year’s event but also we had a team of 12 ATEME employees. This number reflects the significance of ATEME’s commitment to be part of the growth of this exciting region. Our newly opened Singapore office is another major milestone.
ATEME members and partners studyingDuring these 2.5 days all the partners actively participated in all the business discussions, exchanged views, strategized leads and more importantly did a hands-on of ATEME products and solutions. ATEME also took the opportunity to reward some of their outstanding partners. A Gala Dinner on day 2 allowed both the partners and the ATEME team to mingle over a pre-dinner cocktail session and post dinner karaoke session. It’s interesting to know many of our partners and even ATEMEians have hidden talents :-). On the last day, amid the time constraint each of the partners managed to secure a slot to have a one on one session with ATEME team members.
karaoke session
We in ATEME will always be thankful to our partners in the region for all their dedication and hard work. It was a great pleasure to be in Bali and we will surely look forward to the third edition of this APAC Kick-Off and Training on another exotic island next year. Watch this space !