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4K-HDR Summit 2022

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4K-HDR Summit with Ateme

4K-HDR Summit 2022 is the perfect opportunity for professional engineers and content providers to get together and share impactful and innovative audiovisual industry insights.

And after two years of not being able to meet you there in person, Ateme is super excited to attend.

What about you?

Whether you’ll be onsite the first two days or online the last two, if you’d like to chat more about Ateme’s innovative end-to-end video solutions with Mickaël Raulet, CTO at Ateme, or just want to catch up one-on-one, click on the button below to set up a meeting.

WhoMickaël Raulet, CTO at Ateme

When: November 14 – 15 (onsite) + 16 – 18 (online), 2022

Where: 4K-HDR Summit

National Digital Content Pole

15 Avenue Sister Teresa Prat, Malaga, Spain

And to find out how to achieve the ultimate 4K-HDR end-to-end video experience with the latest VVC codec, don’t miss the enlightening keynote by Ateme’s CTO, Mickael Raulet:

Experience the Video Revolution at the French Open

Who: Mickaël Raulet, CTO at Ateme

When: Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 4:10 pm – 4:25 pm (CEST)

Where: 4K-HDR Summit

We look forward to seeing you at 4K-HDR Summit!

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