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5G and Beyond: What Does it Mean to You?


Why Ateme

Captivate your audience with a superior quality of experience

Boost audience engagement

new viewers

Unleash new monetization potential

Go green

Ateme offers fully integrated solutions for video delivery that help you boost viewership engagement, acquire new customers, and unleash monetization potential.

Captivate your Audience

High-performing processing

Smart CDN solutions

Key Figures

clients in 100 countries
people in 30 countries
of eyeballs have enjoyed Ateme streams

Latest News

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Canal+ Achieves Low-Latency and UHD Quality Streaming with Ateme’s NEA Solution

Long-standing partnership takes next step with pioneering deployment PARIS, 11 January 2022 – Ateme, the leader …

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Cloud DVR evolution and new infrastructures

Cloud DVR evolution and new infrastructures Despite its name, Cloud DVR pre-dates our industry’s massive move to …

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Ateme Provides TVRI with Next-generation Contribution Solution

Relationship with the national broadcaster cements Ateme’s position as a market leader in Indonesia PARIS, 7 …


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16 Feb.

5G and Beyond: What Does it Mean to You?

We’ve all heard the hype, and by now, most of us have 5G phones and access to 5G networks, at least some of the …

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25 Jan.

AI, ML and Automation in Streaming Video Workflows: What’s Possible?

Streaming software is transforming from siloed, monolithic architectures to scalable, containerized microservices …

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13 Dec.
New York Hilton

SVG Summit

Beyond high-quality encoding, we also offer everything you need to be able to stream at broadcast-level latency: …

January 20, 2022

♻️ #Ateme's Chief Strategy Officer, Rémi Beaudouin, recently joined @TVTechnology to discuss how there are many …

January 20, 2022

As #Atemians, we dare to innovate 🏆 Hear expert insight from Nabila, an R&D Engineer who has been at #Ateme since …

January 20, 2022

🔎 Innovate with #Ateme! Our internships & apprenticeships allow you to learn various technologies: C, #C++, …

January 20, 2022

Is agility one of your core values? 💭 In the third episode of our Ateme values series, hear from Charly, an R&D …

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