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L’innovation étant au cœur de ses activités, Ateme a à cœur de vous apporter les dernières évolutions technologiques, issues directement de ses équipes R&D internes.

Téléchargez nos derniers livres blancs et fiches techniques pour en savoir plus sur les tendances du secteur et les technologies vidéo.

Livre blanc

Artificial Intelligence in Broadcasting: Are we there yet?

As audience demand for high-quality, high-resolution and low latency viewing experiences on a range of devices …

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How to Win the QoE Battle in OTT Video

Earlier this year, market research company J.D. Powell issued a report on U.S. streaming users.

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NextGen TV Personalized Content

Abstract – Among the numerous enhancements brought by ATSC 3.0 to build the next generation TV, personalized …

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Leveraging the Cloud for Media Content Processing

Media content producers and distributors are increasingly leveraging the cloud to run their businesses. Indeed, …

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Reach New Audiences with Personalized TV

Broadcasters have extensive amounts of content at their disposal, but more than a third (36%) are failing to make …

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Building a Scalable Sustainable Streaming Video Service

The customer (we will refer to them as "VideoOTT") is an international virtual multichannel video programming …

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The Single Critical Factor for High-Quality Streaming, Now and Forever

Regardless of content type or business model, it is essential for broadcasters, pay TV operators, and OTT …

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AV1: Implementation, Performance and Applications

Now that the specification is finalised, the Alliance for Open Media has set high expectations for AV1.

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Benefits of Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors for Video Compression

Digital video compression is such a compute-intensive task that for many years, using dedicated and highly …

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