ATEME transforming video delivery, any service, on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Encoding and Transcoding

Find out about our end-to-end solutions from encoding, transcoding, stream processing and packaging, through networking and distribution to decoders.

Integrated Receiver-Decoder

Discover our wide range of decoder-receiver products line, addressing any contribution and distribution applications.

Stream Processing

See ATEME’s stream processing solutions for multiplexing, re-multiplexing scrambling, descrambling, statistical multiplexing, digital turnaround and linear ad insertion.

Acquisition, Playout and VOD

Learn about the high video quality file transcoding and streaming ATEME’s solutions.

Network Management

Discover ATEME’s the-rule-them-all solution, a complete headend management system from decoders and transcoders, through VMware to network switch and SDI routers.

Software as a Service

Check out about on-premises and cloud SaaS video delivery solution, for service and content providers.