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Cloud DVR evolution and new infrastructures

Cloud DVR evolution and new infrastructures Despite its name, Cloud DVR pre-dates our industry’s massive move to …

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The new Ateme is here

The new Ateme is here I think I know exactly how Santa Claus and his little elves feel on Christmas Eve, after …

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Live Sports in UHD: Ultra Race in Reunion Island

ATEME made it possible – live sports in UHD! The elation and emotions of what is perhaps the most insane …

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Low-Latency Streaming

Goaaaaal! A few weeks ago, I was watching a Champion’s League soccer game. Once again, my viewing experience was …

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Make Video Delivery Greener: Three Highlights of the Month

September was a busy month for us in terms of sustainability. That’s a topic we care about: our corporate color …

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Powering Live Sports Streaming with 4K HDR

There are some events that are so special – those once-a-year or even once-every-four-years must-see events – …

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Case Study: How POST Luxembourg Extended its PostTV Streaming and Cloud DVR Service

POST Luxembourg is the premier supplier of telecom services in Luxembourg. Back in 2008, it started offering …

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Green Streaming: Good for the Planet and for Viewers

I became a vegetarian in 1990, when vegetarians were still an oddity where I lived. Yet today – more than 30 …

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Multidimensional Resourcing for Transcoding

Demand for content processing continues to grow across the media and entertainment industry, driven by …

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