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Posted in Sports

Broadcast-Level Low Latency: Real Streaming Deployments

In our previous blog series, we discussed achieving broadcast-level low latency in sports streaming and found …

Posted in Sports

Stream with Broadcast-Level Latency

In our first and second blog posts in this series, we discovered how Ateme’s solutions enable the ultimate …

Sports Content Delivery
Posted in Sports

Capturing the Action to Deliver Unforgettable Sports Moments

Discover how Ateme's cutting-edge tech, from 4K UHD to HDR, is reshaping sports content delivery. From Mola TV's …

AV1 Codec
Posted in New Codecs

AV1 Codec: The Future of Video Compression

While several video codecs are already well-established, a couple are still relatively new and have not yet seen …

live event streaming
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Ateme and Casablanca Break YouTube Record with 6 Million Viewers

Ateme and Casablanca broke YouTube records with 6 million viewers during the 2022 World Cup's Brazil-Croatia …

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Cloud-Based Sports Streaming: Elevating the Game

In the fast-paced world of streaming, South Asian operators are turning to cloud-based solutions to meet …

Sports Viewing Experience
Posted in Sports

The Ultimate Sports Viewing Experience

In just 191 days, Paris will host a global sports spectacle, with Ateme leading the charge in redefining the …

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Streaming Success: Eight Pitfalls to Avoid when Launching your OTT Streaming Project

Launching a successful OTT streaming project involves avoiding pitfalls like defining clear objectives, ensuring …

OTT Streaming Project
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Ateme’s TITAN Shaping Spatial Computing Experiences 

Since Apple announced its Vision Pro headset back in June, Spatial Computing has become a hot topic. Ateme's TITAN …

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