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DAI: Captivate your audience and Catapult profits

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is one way to catapult your profits when faced with increasing competition. It enables …

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Fighting Piracy With Contribution Watermarking

Piracy is a billion-dollar problem. A study by the Global Innovation Policy Center for the U.S. Chamber of …

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Taking catalogs to the next level with a personalized user experience

Accessing the best content has become the main differentiating factor for viewers looking to sign up for a TV …

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Five must-see demos at your 2022 NAB Show

The NAB Show is just around the corner. And frankly, I’m overwhelmed with how much is going on in our booth …

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Not Yet Live With DAI? Here is How Much Revenue You Are Losing Every Day

With growing consumer expectations and increasing competition, it’s getting harder to capture new audiences and …

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Defining Brazil’s standard for digital television: TV3.0

Brazil’s new TV 3.0 standard is currently in the making. It will be used in the country’s next-generation …

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UHD Spain Discussed the Main Challenges of Streaming in Ultra High Definition

In its fourth virtual meeting, restricted to members of the association, UHD Spain had more than 40 attendees More …

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The Glossary of Video Delivery: Getting your Jargon Right

Delivering video is full of intricacies and comes with its fair share of acronyms and jargon. What is CTE, when …

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The Glossary of Video Processing: Getting your Jargon Right

Video processing involves many codecs and acronyms. Read on to find out what they all mean! 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 …

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