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glossary of spatial computing
Posted in Glossary

The Glossary of Spatial Computing: Getting your Jargon Right

Spatial Computing Spatial computing is a term used to define the various technologies allowing to deliver an …

CDN Infrastructure
Posted in News

Optimize your CDN Infrastructure

As an operator, you have tens, or even hundreds, of CDN servers throughout your country. And you are constantly …

Posted in Partner Spotlight

Enhancing Broadcast Audio: Ateme’s KYRION DR5000 now Supports MPEG-H Audio

In the fast-evolving landscape of broadcast technology, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Ateme continues …

Posted in News

Frame-rate Conversion: Combining Flexibility and High-Quality Visuals for the Best Sports Viewing Experiences Worldwide

Frame-rate conversion can have a huge impact on the quality of a sports match you watch on TV – especially if …

Posted in Sports

Broadcast-Level Low Latency: Real Streaming Deployments

In our previous blog series, we discussed achieving broadcast-level low latency in sports streaming and found …

Posted in Sports

Stream with Broadcast-Level Latency

In our first and second blog posts in this series, we discovered how Ateme’s solutions enable the ultimate …

Sports Content Delivery
Posted in Sports

Capturing the Action to Deliver Unforgettable Sports Moments

Discover how Ateme's cutting-edge tech, from 4K UHD to HDR, is reshaping sports content delivery. From Mola TV's …

AV1 Codec
Posted in New Codecs

AV1 Codec: The Future of Video Compression

While several video codecs are already well-established, a couple are still relatively new and have not yet seen …

live event streaming
Posted in News

Ateme and Casablanca Break YouTube Record with 6 Million Viewers

Ateme and Casablanca broke YouTube records with 6 million viewers during the 2022 World Cup's Brazil-Croatia …

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