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We care about our people

Inspiring our people to learn and grow

Our biggest advantage is our talent. Everyone at Ateme is equally important and valuable; each team member plays an important role that ensures the proper and efficient operation of the whole Ateme group.  

We are using our experience gained both before and during COVID-19 to create a new work model that continues to promote our employees’ well-being — developing happy, engaged, motivated, and resilient people. We foster excellent workplace relationships by organizing regular team activities and team office presence days while keeping a healthy work/life balance with convenient remote work schedules.

We invest in comfortable and modern workplaces to provide our employees with all the necessary resources and an enjoyable work environment. Our ability to attract, develop, and retain the best talent from all backgrounds, reflecting the diverse world we live in, allows us to make a difference in helping our stakeholders succeed. 

To build a global team made up of individuals determined to make the world a better place, we invest heavily in: 

  • Leadership development that promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and employee well-being. 
  • Learning programs — including online courses on soft skills and technology, coaching and mentoring of talent, and a learning together  initiative — to develop and help our people grow with the company. 
  • Eliminating bias from our recruitment process:
    • Diverse teams are smarter and more innovative. Thanks to our non-discriminating recruitment process, candidate evaluation is exclusively based on assessment of skills, professional experiences, and efficiency. For each new role, we verify the job requirements to eliminate subtle bias and masculine-coded language that could, for instance, discourage women from applying. 
    • Furthermore, all candidates follow the same standard interviewing process based on objective and factual skill sets established by the HR team in cooperation with hiring managers. Our management team is fully committed to respecting candidates’ differences when hiring and invests in a diverse talent pipeline. 
  • Promoting equal access to opportunities between men and women:
    • Ateme has signed a commitment to equality between women and men, which outlines its commitment to leading a real policy in favor of professional equality between women and men. 
    • Training development is a key element in everyone’s career. At Ateme, we make sure that access to training is equal for women and men, in order to equally develop their employability and skills. Ateme applies a training policy that is free from any form of discrimination. 
    • Ateme gives women and men with equal skills access to the same jobs and the same opportunities for promotion and professional development. Criteria for detecting internal potentials are exclusively based on the recognition of skills, experiences, and performance. 
  • Raising awareness in our teams of the notions of ethics and corruption, promoting the values of transparency and loyalty, and focusing on developing long-term relationships through multi-year contracts with our customers. We have designed a Code of Business Conduct for Employees that offers guidance for conduct in all business, legal, and ethical matters carried out in daily business.