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Innovation lying at the heart of its activities, ATEME is keen to provide you with the latest technology updates, coming directly from its internal R&D teams. Download our latest white papers to learn more about industry trends and video technologies.

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Available white papers:

  • Benefits of INTEL® XEON® scalable processors for video compression
  • AV1: Implementation, Performance and Applications
  • The Single Critical Factor for High-Quality Streaming, Now and Forever
  • Building a Scalable, Sustainable Streaming Video Service
  • Reach New Audiences with Personalized TV
  • Leveraging the Cloud for Media Content Processing
  • NextGen TV Personalized Content
  • How to Win the QoE Battle in OTT Video
  • Artificial Intelligence in Broadcasting are we there yet?
  • Determining the Priorities, Benefits and Challenges of Personalized TV
  • Open Caching: Why the Streaming Industry Can’t Afford to Ignore It
  • BISS-CA: A Deep Dive into BISS-CA and its Impact on Global Piracy
  • Video over IP Protocols: Deciphering the Alphabet Soup
  • Cost-Effective Growth of High-Definition and Ultra-High-Definition Video Services
  • How to Succeed in the OTT Market
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ATEME, the AV1 Expert

To face user’s increasing demand of video content, web giants such as Google, Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon have set up a new initiative called the Alliance for Open Media (AOM) in 2015 whose ambition is to design and release an open, fast and royalty-free video codec.

As video compression experts, ATEME joined this Alliance in June 2016, bringing two decades of Research and Development expertise on video compression algorithms. The Alliance for Open Media is a non-profit organization working to define and develop media technologies that address the need for an open standard for video compression and delivery over the web. The availability of AOMedia Video as an open source project is an important element in fulfilling the organization’s promise to deliver a next-generation video format that is:

  • Interoperable and open Designed for Parallel Processing, Better performances on CPU/GPU
  • Optimized for OTT delivery
  • High Video Quality and Real-time delivery modes

Through its AOMedia membership, ATEME actively participates to AV1 definition, and is determined to support the development of the next generation of open standard media codecs for video compression and OTT.

By integrating, the soon to be standardized, AV1 (AOM Video codec 1), ATEME becomes the first and only compression vendor supporting all standardized CODECs on the market. TITAN with AV1 support is working on a lab program with tier-1 service providers (SPs) in Europe and North America; the lab programs are expected to go to production for OTT services in 2018 and enable the SPs OTT services with high video quality/bandwidth efficiency and $0 royalty. This codec will be available for new and existing TITAN File users through a simple software upgrade, meaning you can start with H264/HEVC now and move to AOM later to reduce OPEX costs.

Industry Committees

ATEME is an active member of multiple industries forums, international organizations and societies which contribute in promoting technology by developing standards and sharing excellence in business practices and operations.

Advanced Research

ATEME is an active contributor to a number of innovative collaborative projects and aims to research, develop and promote technology advances in production and video delivery. With dedicated efforts of our R&D and partners, we are able to successfully provide a number of technological advances and innovations to the broadcast and file delivery industry.

Project TITAN Edge

With the help of the Ile-de-France regional council and The European Union, ATEME jointly developed the TITAN Edge project. TITAN Edge aims to be a disruptive solution for the Video Distribution links.

The objective of the project is to develop a new generation of innovative video distribution platform based on the TITAN components to answer the problems of regionalization Broadcast and OTT support decoding, transcoding on-the-fly, cache and splicing. ATEME through this project aims to design, test and validate and demonstrate that the economic and development costs of this new system can be brought down to competitive levels.

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

Project 3EMS

The 3EMS project, which stands for “Energy Efficient Enhanced Media Streaming”, aims at developing the technical bricks for delivering linear video services based on recent video coding and delivery standards. The project is built around four major axes:

  1. The “Versatile Video Coding” (VVC), which is the state-of-the-art video compression technology standard released in mid-2020
  2. Multicast and broadcast delivery of media content over 5G network, targeting the first commercial deployment in 2020 in France.
  3. Artificial Intelligence to optimize video quality as well as video coding, delivery and rendering in the end device.
  4. Reducing the overall energy footprint, using pre-/post-processing methods, adaptive resolution switching and network optimization.