AI in Broadcasting: Are we there yet?

As audience demand for high-quality, high-resolution and low latency viewing experiences on a range of devices continues to grow, the broadcast industry has had no choice but to innovate with new compression techniques. However, this has led to increasing complexity of codecs such as HEVC, AV1, VVC (Versatile Video Coding) / H.266 and EVC (Essential Video Coding) / MPEG-5 part 1.

With significant codec complexities to contend with, OTT providers must look to new technological advancements to reduce complexity and improve efficiency. One technology expected to assist in these areas is artificial intelligence (AI). Having already provided many benefits within other industries by increasing accuracy and streamlining processes, for instance, AI is now set to bring significant potential to the broadcast industry enabling broadcasters to apply high video compression and offer an improved quality of service to viewers.

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