Video Transcoding Software - High Video Quality

TITAN File is a multi-codec/format video transcoding software, for mezzanine, STB and ABR VOD, Post-Production, Playout and Archive applications.

TITAN File is based on ATEME 5th Generation STREAM compression engine and delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with accelerated parallel processing.

TITAN File is easy to install, configure and integrate into any existing workflow, including integration with Conditional Access, Digital Rights Management, Digital Ad Insertion and Forensic Watermarking.

TITAN File includes 24/7 automation and workflow capabilities: intelligent watch folder for file aggregation, API for integration with Media Asset Management systems and networked supervision of multiple servers forming a transcoding farm, deployed on-premises and/or in the cloud.

TITAN File innovation: first 10-bit 4:2:2, first 4K-UHD, first High Dynamic Range (HDR) solution.


Value Proposition

  • Customer retention: high video quality delivers premium viewing experience
  • Distribution bandwidth OPEX & Storage CAPEX savings: high video quality at low bitrate
  • Datacenter CAPEX savings: High throughput, faster than real-time capabilities, simultaneous processing of all formats

Key Features

  • Decode: AnyCODEC©
  • Encode: HEVC, H264, MPEG2, and Apple ProRes
  • Resolution: Mobile to UHD, 4K HDR
  • Premium audio with loudness correction
  • Closed captioning, DVB subtitles, teletext
  • Watermarking and DRM
  • Standalone server to enterprise farm and cloud
  • Easy to use web user interface and REST API