Multi-Function Software Stream Processing

TITAN Mux is a scalable stream processing solution for broadcast, cable, satellite over the top and network applications.

TITAN Mux can be easily incorporated into any existing headend for supporting digital turnaround services. The TITAN Mux scalable design reduces deployment time, enables adding new services on the fly and support any video, audio and data service.

TITAN Mux can be controlled by ATEME management system, and easily integrate with any NMS using REST API. TITAN Mux is a truly hardware- and OS-agnostic solution running on any server, any form factor, bare-metal OS as well as Cloud environment.

TITAN Mux includes support for IP input-output and support for legacy ASI headend using PCIe ASI cards.

TITAN Mux eliminates operational headaches and ensures high scalability and flexibility and availability.

Value Proposition

  • Benefit from the highest video quality thanks to statistical multiplexing with TITAN Live
  • Multiplexing of any MPEG/DVB/ATSC/ISDB services
  • Enable regionalized channels viewing with advanced Variable Bit Rate reservation schemes and regionalization support
  • A key enabler for a unique end-to-end IP video ecosystem
  • TITAN Mux being a future-proof software-only solution, increase your density on demand and add new services via a simple and easy-to-install software upgrade

Key Features

  • Multiplexing of any MPEG service
  • On-the-fly configuration
  • Any redundancy scheme support
  • Conditional Access support
  • Ad-Insertion Support