Software-Based Origin Server, Recorder and Just-in-Time Packager

TITAN© Origin is an agile, high density software Origin Server, Packaging and Recording solution, designed for Live and On Demand OTT delivery of SD, HD and Ultra HD content.

TITAN Origin improves multi-screen delivery and Headend storage resources by featuring any ABR Just-In-Time Packaging (JITP). In addition, TITAN Origin optimizes network efficiency and caching thanks to an intelligent manifest file selection. TITAN Origin supports advanced services like Start-Over, Time-Shifting and Catch-up TV increasing Return On Investment for Content Providers and Service Providers.

TITAN Origin can be controlled by ATEME Management System, and easily integrate with any NMS using REST API. TITAN Origin is a true hardware and OS agnostic solution running on any server, any form factor, bare-metal OS as well Virtual Machines. TITAN Origin can be deployed on-premises or off-premises, in the Headend or in the CDN at the edge.

Value Proposition

  • Increase network efficiency and caching system
  • OPEX savings with complete integrated OTT solution
  • Reduce Headend CAPEX with software only and optimized storage resources

Key Features

  • Any Standard Adaptive Bit Rate, Any Codec
  • Mobile to UHD resolutions
  • Just-In-Time Packaging
  • Pure CPU solution, Linux, Windows, VM
  • Internal Recording
  • Multi-DRM support
  • Direct Interface with CDN
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