Software Based Channel Origination for Linear and Virtual Programming

The number of channels and of VOD content is increasing drastically, with the need to deliver in a quick, scalable and cost-effective way new linear programs as well as personalized OTT TV services. In front of this challenge, TITAN Playout aims for bringing a new breed of IT-based playout solution, delivering a high level of scalability, availability and rendering. Its micro-service architecture allows defining flexible playout and asset management workflows, either in the ground or in the cloud, with permanent regard of easy-to-deploy, easy-to-operate and easy-to-monitor requirements.

TITAN Playout can come with the ATEME compression services (namely TITAN Live), to offer a complete solution for channel origination and distribution over broadcast or OTT networks.

TITAN Playout can address by this way a lot of applications, such as linear or popup channel origination, regionalization, disaster recovery. With powerful interfaces, it can easily integrate with any ecosystem, reducing time-to-market and OPEX.

Value Proposition

  • Native interoperability with ATEME TITAN
    encoding solutions.
  • Easy-to-deploy and easy-to-operate channel
    creation and manipulation
  • Linear and virtual programming
  • Easy integration into existing ecosystems
  • Reduce data-center CAPEX with software only,
    high density solution

Key Features

  • Customizable channel playout workflows
  • Uncompressed live feed playback
  • Uncompressed video files playback
  • Powerful graphic engine
  • Easy-to-operate built-in automation
  • Integrated media asset manager
  • Record and time-delay capabilities
  • Flexible Redundancy Scheme 1+1, N+1, N+M