CDN for OTT streaming

As a content or service provider, you strive for greater viewer engagement, lower churn and higher ARPU. To enable all this you need an efficient video-delivery platform that offers a superior viewing experience and new revenue streams while lowering your costs.

With the ATEME NEA platform, you can:

  1. Offer a superior viewing experience

ATEME’s high-density encoders enable the best-possible sound and images at the lowest bitrate, and all components in the NEA platform work hand-in-hand to bring broadcast-level latency and eliminate rebuffering.

  1. Get new revenue streams

Having an efficient platform that delivers superior experiences is great – but you need to monetize it.

The ATEME NEA platform includes solutions for various monetization options – from Cloud DVR to targeted advertising, personalized TV, and CDN interconnect (Open Caching).

  1. Lower your costs

You can optimize network usage by up to 30% and reduce your storage requirements by using ATEME’s high-density encoders, Just-in-Time packagers, and shared workflow for both live and time-shifted services. This greater efficiency leads to lower costs.

The NEA platform is also based on a scalable architecture, so you start with a low investment and grow your platform as your viewers grow.

Moreover, ATEME’s Cloud-native, elastic Content Delivery Network solution enables you to build a CDN that reduces costs while temporarily scaling to match peak viewing.

  1. Reduce your environmental impact

The NEA platform is designed with highly efficient technologies and architectures that optimize your network usage and reduce your storage requirements, resulting in overall energy savings of 66% for a greener streaming solution.

Key Features

  • Highly scalable solution
  • Infrastructure & Cloud agnostic
  • Multi-tenant, distributed & elastic CDN
  • Low latency, efficient caching
  • Interconnect CDN enabled / Open Caching support
  • Cloud DVR
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion

How We Help

    • Deliver high QoE OTT
    • Retain your subscribers
    • Generate new revenue streams
    • Reduce OPEX and CAPEX
    • Reduce the environmental impact of your video delivery

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