Dynamic Ad Insertion

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Monetize, retain and grow your subscriber base with personalized ads and content, on every screen and for every use case.


Dynamic Ad Insertion

Increase revenue per subscriber

Monetize live, VOD and DVR views with meaningful, precisely targeted ads.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Open your audience segments to advertisers

Help your advertisers show their ads to relevant audience segments.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Perfect the ad viewing experience

Ads delivered with our technology are precisely targeted.

Deliver ads reliably to all screens

Don’t miss monetizing any use case or any device audience.

Measure campaign performance and track ROI

Understand your audience behavior and generate accurate granular reports.

Faster time to market, and quick results

Minimize disruption to existing deployments.

Why do you need Dynamic Ad Insertion?

The media delivery landscape has evolved significantly over the past few years. It is now more fragmented than ever with multiple platforms and an abundance of devices and formats on which video is consumed. Service providers and broadcasters are constantly challenged to reach, keep, grow and monetize their subscriber base. To stay profitable, they must meet these objectives while increasing revenue and controlling costs.

How to stay profitable with Dynamic Ad Insertion

Ateme’s Dynamic Ad Insertion portfolio helps you as a service provider or broadcaster achieve those goals. With multiple ad-insertion solutions that cover an extensive list of Transport Stream and OTT use cases, we help you make sure that your audience is fully and effectively monetized on all screens. 

Ateme’s Dynamic Ad Insertion solution for OTT inserts precisely targeted ads in OTT ABR streams for live, VOD and DVR streaming. Broadcasters and service providers can target based on a variety of criteria – including regional, per device, time of day or personalized / household targeting. Customizing ads has proved to improve viewers’ experience, which in turn results in more consumption and loyalty to the OTT service.

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