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Ateme FAST Channels solution

An End-to-End Solution to Generate and Monetize FAST Channels


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Retain subscribers with rich live line-ups

Generate genre-based, single-show, or pop-up FAST channels to give your viewers the live variety they demand. Leverage VOD archives to create FAST channels to give your viewers the optimum lean back watch experience.

Launch FAST channels quickly 

Our solution includes all you need to generate, deliver, and monetize FAST channels. Launch FAST channels quickly with leading schedulers and ad servers pre-integrated. 

Increase Revenue

Monetize FAST channels through addressable ad breaks with pre-integrated leading ad servers and supply-side platforms.

Ateme FAST Channels solution

Leverage Ateme’s in-house developed FAST solution to reduce costs and increase revenue

Unlike many FAST solutions in the market, Ateme offers a FAST solution based on VOD-to-Live channel origination built with manifest manipulation technology. Our FAST solution is much more compute-efficient than competing solutions, allowing you to reduce operational costs and protect our planet simultaneously. Monetize FAST channel ad breaks with personalized ads and add overlay graphics to level up viewer satisfaction. 

Retain your subscribers with FAST channels

Your viewers are looking for easy ways to access your content catalogues. Our E2E FAST solution can be used for different purposes to make the best use of your content and enrich your live offering. Engage viewers with 

  • mixed-schedule FAST channels 
  • genre-based FAST channels 
  • single-show FAST channels 
  • pop-up FAST channels 
  • event / sports FAST channels 

An end-to-end FAST channels solution

With Ateme’s E2E portfolio for OTT streaming, you get everything you need to create FAST channels. You can source all the solution components from Ateme, including FAST channel playout, file transcoding, packaging/origin, SSAI manifest manipulation, and CDN. You bring your content and schedules, and we do the rest. 

Ateme’s FAST channels solution is designed for minimal disruption to your existing VOD and catch-up workflows. It serves the assets that compose the FAST channels using the same origin and CDN that you use today for VOD streaming. In other words, we make it easy for you to add FAST channels to your offering. 

Our FAST solution is expandable to generate personal FAST channels. These are FAST channels curated to each viewer’s tastes. Find out more about Ateme’s personal channels.   

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What is FAST Channels?

Free Ad Supported TV Channels are channels that are made for monetization with ads. FAST is a term closely associated with streaming channels that are monetized with addressable ad breaks carrying personalized ads for each viewer.