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Maximize the value of your linear content and offer an unmatched user experience with a highly scalable and easy-to-operate Cloud DVR solution


Boost the user experience

Record and watch from any device

Get new revenue streams

Upsell storage and monetize new inventory

Manage legal restrictions

Adapt to shared and private copy restrictions

Reduce costs

Slash storage requirements

Migrate & scale seamlessly

Streaming & storage capacity grow hand-in-hand, without impacting on the QoE

Go green

With no compromise on video quality

With a growing number of SVOD platforms, it’s critical for service providers to maximize the value of linear content and increase customer loyalty to their video services. Time-shifting and Cloud DVR services are an opportunity to reduce churn, provide new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction, as they are in high demand from viewers.

With multiple deployments worldwide, Ateme has enhanced its solution to tackle all the challenges a service provider might face when deploying a Cloud DVR platform.

Boost the user experience

Ateme’s Cloud DVR solution helps you boost the user experience with:

  • Unlimited recording on any screen – that you can trust to be available at all times
  • Immersive audio, subtitling and scrolling thumbnails
  • Reduced start-up times when playing back
  • Perfect alignment of the start and end times of a program with its actual boundaries

Get new revenue streams from your Cloud DVR service

With unlimited recording, you can increase ARPU by offering attractive new options such as higher storage capacity and longer retention.

Manage legal restrictions

The Ateme Cloud DVR solution is flexible enough to adapt to any market regulation related to the private copy vs shared copy aspect (one physical copy per user or not) at the channel or even program level.

Reduce costs

Ateme’s Infinite Buffer recording algorithm is a source of optimization for storage and QoE. It provides an efficient way to record content and keep it for years. It also keeps the platform future-proof while reducing storage needs.

Migrate & scale seamlessly

Having a cDVR platform means you will eventually have to scale to millions of recorded assets and PBs of media files with a long life-cycle. That’s why Ateme developed the Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS) cluster design, combined with multi-tiered storage capabilities, making it easy to scale up while providing unlimited archiving capabilities with third-party storage. Also, if you have an existing cDVR platform, Ateme Professional Services teams will assit you for a seamless migration that does not affect subscribers QoE.

Go green

The storage efficiencies brought by the hyperconverged Embedded Distributed Storage solution and the Infinite Buffer recording algorithm mean that you reduce your hardware requirements – and contribute to a better planet!

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