Quality Certifications

Accueil / Quality Certifications

Ateme is compliant with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard

Being certified means that our company is committed to addressing our customers’ expectations and ensuring their satisfaction.

All our internal processes have therefore been rationalized and optimized to:

  • Anticipate customers’ requirements as much as possible and integrate them into our product roadmaps.
  • Keep our customers’ satisfaction to the highest level by constantly adapting our internal organization and processes. This builds strong foundations for Ateme to ensure customer satisfaction.

Ateme is driven by a continuous improvement approach:

  • Plan: Plan and prepare the job. Set the goals and define the tasks to be executed.
  • Do: Perform the tasks within the constraints defined in the documented processes.
  • Check: Rigorousy monitor the performance indicators of each process. Analyze developments based on the activity and compare them with forecasts.
  • Act: Correct, make the necessary decisions, and identify the causes of variances between what was realized and what was planned.

We are convinced that this certification represents a win-win situation, and we intend to continue and strengthen it in the years to come.