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Get a unified, future-proof, innovative and scalable solution to manage secure transmission across video distribution platforms, from satellite to IP


Video distribution

Optimize for IP migration

Use the same solution for satellite, public Internet and cloud transmission


Software with unlimited features

Video distribution

Secure your distribution

Secure transmission and leak detection with full control from the source

Video distribution

Unleash added-value possibilities

Pay-per-use feeds, customization, regionalization and ad insertion – at the affiliate or in the cloud

Video distribution Ateme

Optimize for IP Migration

Your solution for distributing video content to affiliates needs to support alternative methods – and be ready to migrate to IP.

A unified solution over the distribution chain helps this migration, eliminating the need for extra devices at the edge and giving full control of the content down to the affiliate.

Future-proof your video distribution

As a content provider, you need secure and scalable distribution to face industry changes.

Ateme’s pure software solution for video distribution prepares you for the future with huge scalability, so you can integrate new codecs and optimize your bandwidth usage. It is a cost-effective solution that allows you to choose the most appropriate processor.

Secure your video distribution

Protect your valued content with Ateme’s solution for video distribution, using BISS-CA to secure the distribution and watermarking at reception for efficient protection with grant management, leaker detection and revocation.

Unleash added-value possibilities

Enhance your offering to content owners and affiliates with regionalization and ad replacement – at the affiliate or through customization in the cloud.

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