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Linear is not dead. Linear is now personalized.


Cloud DVR

Increase Viewer Engagement

Give your viewers their favorite content back-to-back in live watch mode.

Reduce Churn

Engage, and retain, your viewers with live, personalized channels.

Increase Revenue

Monetize personal channels with addressable ad breaks.

Recommendations are now Live!

Personalization is a key predictor of success in today’s fierce competition between content and service providers. Ateme’s personal channels solution creates live channels with a schedule curated to each viewer’s tastes. Your viewers will now be able to kick back, relax, and watch their favorite content back-to-back in live watch mode.

Monetize More

Viewers tend to watch more content if personalization is done correctly. With more watch hours across your audience, your advertising inventory grows. That means more revenue and a more compelling offer for your advertisers.

An End-to-end Personal Channels Solution

With Ateme’s end-to-end portfolio for OTT streaming, you get everything you need to create personal channels. You can source all the solution components from Ateme, including file transcoding, packaging/origin, manifest manipulation, and CDN. You bring your content and insight regarding your viewers’ preferences, and we do the rest.

Ateme’s personal channels solution is designed for minimal disruption to your existing VOD and catch-up workflows. It serves the assets that compose the personal channels using the same origin and CDN that you use today for VOD streaming.

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What is Personal Channels (or Personal Linear Channels)?

Personal linear channels are live channels created with a schedule that is specifically curated to a specific viewer’s taste via integration with recommendation engines. With personal channels, viewer A gets a different channel than viewer B.