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Offer NextGen TV services with the solution powering over half of all ATSC 3.0 deployments across North America


NextGen TV

Deliver immersive experiences

With the highest quality at minimum bitrate, interactivity and personalized content

NextGen TV

Future-proof your broadcasting headend

Optimize your ATSC 1.0 station and migrate to 3.0 when you want

NextGen TV

Simplify your operations

Integrate easily with any ecosystem; support the new AWARN system

NextGen TV Ateme

Why NextGen TV?

Viewers now have ever more content to choose from – which they can receive and watch in many ways. As a broadcaster or a station, you need to provide more flexible services.

How to set up NextGen TV

For years, Ateme has been helping broadcasters not only upgrade the quality of their ATSC 1.0 systems, but also deliver the future of television broadcasting by leveraging the full ATSC 3.0 potential, giving broadcasters a perfect platform to build on as they migrate.

Ateme’s NextGen TV solution covers the complete processing and distribution scope: encoding, transcoding, statistical multiplexing, packaging and origin. It delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates and features a comprehensive video & audio codec support from MPEG-2, H264 to HEVC or the new SHVC, with HDR, MPEG-H 3D, and Dolby AC4.

ATEME’s NextGen TV solution simplifies operations: it’s a solution for today’s market that continues meeting your needs as you grow

  • Moving from ATSC1.0 to ATSC3.0
  • Starting in SD or HD, moving to Full HD and UHD
  • Adding audio extensions to 5.1 and NGA.

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