Media Supply Chain Management

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Optimize your media supply chain with efficient and agile workflow orchestration


Optimize your operations

Automate processes and manage by exception

Guarantee SLA commitments

Prioritize tasks based on dynamic due dates

Run your supply chain 24/7 with zero down-time upgrades

Make your business agile

Adapt workflows at anytime in a few clicks

Deploy it anywhere: public, private, on-premises and hybrid

Independent orchestration: evolve continuously with freedom

Media Supply Chain

Maximize return on investment

Go for cutting-edge, future-proof technology

Media supply chain Ateme

Why should you optimize your media supply chain?

With the huge volumes of content being consumed on an ever-growing number of platforms, it is becoming essential to streamline operations and reduce costs. Repetitive human tasks, lack of visibility on performance, incapacity to leverage the cloud efficiently, difficulties to react to changes and reliability issues are typical challenges which significantly affect the costs of your operations. Those challenges can be overcome by modernizing your supply chain.

Content Distribution deserves its own supply chain orchestration

Producing content is only one of the steps required to deliver content to your audience. Starting from the original received mezzanine format (live or video-on-demand), multiple tasks are required to make the content available at scale and with a superior quality of experience. To reduce technology and operational silos, these tasks must be orchestrated by an independent workflow engine that can provide a single pane of glass surfacing key performance indicators.

Agility, a must in a moving media landscape

Business expectations change faster than before: new platforms to deliver content to, new formats to support, new content-owner source. A modern supply chain must enable changes easily: without downtime, without risk on on-going operations, without restrictions on geographical locations and without compromise on security. On the contrary, your media supply chain should be an enabler of new revenue opportunities.

Media Supply Chain Management with Ateme

As part of Ateme’s portfolio, PILOT Media is a next-generation workflow orchestration platform designed to prepare, enhance, and deliver all media types where they need to be, efficiently. PILOT Media allows you to build a best-of-breed supply chain where Ateme products (TITAN and NEA product lines) and third-party technologies can be orchestrated seamlessly in efficient workflows.

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What is Media Supply Chain?

Media Supply Chain describes the sequence of human and system processes required to produce and distribute media content from an origin point to a destination.