Media Supply Chain

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Simplify your media supply chain, maximize the value of your library, increase ARPU and retain your subscribers


Media Supply Chain

Maximize returns

Reduce operational costs and exploit new revenue opportunities

Media Supply Chain

Maximum performance

Ensure service levels and outperform KPIs

Media Supply Chain

Maximum integration

Get business-wide integration and eliminate silos

Media supply chain Ateme

Maximize returns with a cloud or hybrid media supply chain

With the huge volumes of content being consumed on an ever-growing number of platforms, it is becoming essential to streamline operations and reduce costs. Cloud-based and hybrid media supply chains enable this.

Maximum performance

With streamlined and efficient operations, you ensure that you meet service levels all the time, and outperform your KPIs.

Maximum integration

The convergence of linear and video-on-demand preparation can reduce technology and operational silos. This has a direct impact on cost and scalability.

Moreover, media supply chains are only as effective as the metadata they ingest. Deriving data from multiple sources enables enhanced, automated decisions. So system integration is key to ensuring that your video-on-demand or linear content is in the right place at the right time.

With Ateme’s new breed of IP-based playout solutions you can:

  • Originate any 24/7 linear channel
  • Easily create popup channels – for short-term events or personalized programming.

Ateme’s integrated media supply chain tools deliver a highly scalable end-to-end solution. You can deploy on-premises or in the cloud — thanks to their natively virtualized architectures based on micro-services.

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