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SaaS Video Delivery

Ateme+: SaaS video delivery made easy with a single pane of glass


Simplify management

With a User-friendly console and easily integrate into your current workflows via API.

Scale in Minutes

Rapid deployment: new channels in less than 3 minutes. Hyper Elastic, scale up and down, supporting thousands of channels.

Reduce time to Value and TCO

No upfront capital, for operational and engineering, IT, security and infrastructure management costs.

Offer superior viewing experiences 

HLS, DASH, and CMAF end-to-end Ateme technology for encoding and packaging, delivering low latency perfect for sports. 

Operate in your chosen cloud provider 

You choose your hyper-scaler to enable availability region diversity and multi-cloud redundancy.

Reduce your carbon footprint 

One-click start and stop of  services, perfect for occasional use, managing costs, and saving the planet.

Ateme+ untangles the complexity of SaaS video delivery. It operates in the cloud to deliver high-quality experiences built with Ateme’s technology, TITAN and NEA, as a service. 

Built from the ground up for operations, it offers software, infrastructure and security management you can rely on, backed up by a team of dedicated experts, in your chosen hyper-scaler. 

And by making it easy to scale your platform up and down in minutes, it cuts waste.  

It’s powered by our award-winning Green Delivery, an energy-efficient end-to-end solution for delivering video.

Ateme + Services

Ateme+ Live is a secure and scalable cloud-based transportation and processing platform, enabling content owners, rights holders and service providers to fully manage live linear content for both OTT and broadcast, at scale and directly to their customers.

Ateme+ File packages the Emmy-award-winning TITAN File technology as a service, with exactly the same features – but now you can pay for what you use.


Ateme+ offers an intuitive and very easy-to-operate UI. It consolidates best-of-breed Ateme products into one service, with all the operational, engineering, and monitoring interfaces one click away, delivering true single-pane-of-glass control.

End-to-end workflow

Easily manage your live streams.  Ateme+ gives you complete control with link management and scheduling for point-to-point/multipoint contribution, primary distribution, or OTT streaming directly to the consumer via private or public CDN in HLS, DASH, or CMAF.

Highest quality at the lowest bitrate

With Ateme+, you always get the best-quality video and the lowest bitrate, saving you network bandwidth and storage. And because it’s based on Titan technology, you always benefit from the ever-growing range of codecs that are internally developed with the best algorithms.

The fastest transcoding technology

VoD for today and tomorrow: codecs supported include AV1, VP9, H.264, HEVC, VVC, MKV, WebM, MPEG-DASH and HLS and CMAF. 

When quick turnaround is required, Ateme+ File delivers. With our Technology & Engineering Emmy® award-winning distributed transcoding technology, it analyzes the content, cuts it into fragments, distributes it to transcoders, and then restitches. Perfect for 4K and 8K. 

Console or API 

You choose how you want to operate: console or API. And because the console is derived from the one API, you have full control to automate everything. Launch, schedule, adapt and reconfigure, and get up-to-date billing information through our RESTful API.

Unrivalled support

Between our extensive on-line knowledge base and our dedicated dev-ops and support teams, we’ve got you covered 24/7/365.