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Elevate fan engagement with Ateme’s high-quality video streaming solutions, offering personalized experiences, targeted monetization, and cost-effective control. Attract more fans and transform sports content into a lucrative venture for D2C rights holders and sports organizations.


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Engage fans

Deliver immersive video and audio to your fans everywhere, over any platform, and to any device.


Create personalized fan experiences to optimize advertising and sponsorship conversion rates with multiview, multiangle FAST services.

Reduce costs

Control costs

Deploy a cost-effective video-streaming platform over private/public cloud to optimize your profits.

fan engagement

Engage Fans

  • Ateme elevates fan engagement by enabling delivery of high-quality videos, offering captivating multiview and multicamera experiences both inside and outside the venue, whether it’s live action or highlights.
  • Immerse your fans in the highest-quality experiences while eliminating spoiler effects through our low-latency delivery, ensuring they enjoy the content in real-time.
  • Leverage AI-powered detection and clipping to curate video highlights with optimized compression, providing fans with top-notch content.
  • Send personalized highlight notifications to connect with fans wherever they are, fostering a strong bond with their favorite team or player.


  • Ateme empowers you to personalize fan experiences with multi-camera views, allowing fans to create their own game perspective. This enables to collect invaluable insight for targeted advertising and merchandising tailored to individual preferences.
  • Create compelling FAST channels to align with fan preferences and capitalize on monetization opportunities through targeted advertising.
  • Send enriched notifications to seamlessly integrate highlights with your e-commerce platform, driving additional revenue streams.
  • Give your sponsors a new opportunity within your highlight notifications, opening up new avenues for monetization.

Cost-Control Strategies

  • Optimize your investments with a versatile solution running in multi-cloud, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.
  • Minimize costs with Ateme+, our SaaS solution delivering cost-effectiveness and scalability.
  • Reduce network resource usage by leveraging our solution’s support for multicast/broadcast technology.
  • Enhance delivery efficiency over broadcast and multicast using statistical multiplexing, optimizing resource allocation and lowering operational costs.

Incorporating these enhancements into your video services for sports fan engagement and monetization will not only elevate the overall fan experience but also position your platform as a lucrative and cost-effective solution for sports organizations.

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