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Summary :

ATEME Kyrion encoders/decoders modernized 2 Sat DSNG trucks fleet offering flexibility in terms of codecs, compatibility with the receivers used by 2 Sat customers, and ease of use.

Customer requirements and expectations:

Following on from some important projects this year such as the EURO 2012, the Champions League and Euro League, the contract award for the Moto GP coverage – a series of 18 motorcycle races across 14 countries taking place from April to November every year- , 2 SAT decided to modernize their DSNG truck fleet. For that purpose, 2 Sat was looking for a solution offering :

  • flexibility in terms of codecs
  • compatibility with the receivers used by their clients


Customer challenges

  • Broadest support of codecs/formats to address existing but also emerging use cases.
  • Full compliancy with Industry standards to match Broadcasting organizations requirements
  • User-friendliness and proven robustness allowing easy use on the field


How could ATEME Kyrion encoders/decoders address these requirements?

  • ATEME matches encoding/decoding pairs support the full range of use cases from MPEG-2 SD up to MPEG-4 HD 4:2.2 10-bit.
  • Thanks to the full control on its compression/muxing technologies, ATEME could fulfill all requirements from broadcasting organizations.
  • ATEME User’s Interface are easy to operate which saves significant operational expenditure


How is ATEME going beyond customer expectations?

  • Upgradability: ATEME encoders/decoders are field-upgradeable to 4:2:2 10-bit profile
  • Video quality enhancement: Relying on FPGA-based technology, ATEME‘s encoder video quality is constantly increasing, delivering a greater viewing experience..
  • Local presence: ATEME has distribution offices close to 2-Sat offices which enables continuous support and efficient relay to headquarters.