3GPP, the Mobile Broadband Standard, now supports HEVC (up to 720p30)

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A new step to unlock the end to end HEVC ecosystem, and to bring HD content everywhere.

The demand is high from operators to be able to extend HD channel broadcast to mobiles.The challenge is of course to improve the video content quality of experience while decreasing bandwidth requirements. With the evolution of 3GPP, the Mobile Broadband Standard (defining the next generation wireless network), it is a new step to bring HD content everywhere.

New release specifications (3GPP Release 12 specifications) now include the support of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). Those documents specify, among other features, the decoding capabilities conforming to the Main profile, Main tier, up to level 3.1 thus allowing HD video services decoded in 720p up to 25 or 30 frames per second. Thanks to HEVC, the bandwidth consumption of those video services shall be reduced by a factor of 2 compared to the best technologies available prior to Release-12.

3GPP video services distributed through HTTP and RTP-based streaming (3GP-DASH, PSS), broadcasting/multicasting (MBMS), download and progressive download (3GPP file format) all support HEVC codec and dedicated signaling in the new 3GPP Release 12.

As consumers around the world are increasingly driven to upgrade their phones on two year cycles, we shall see a pretty fast mass market deployment of premium HD services on mobiles. The development of “TV Everywhere” is on its way.

Sophie Percheron
Product Marketing Manager