5G Media Streaming: Unleashing Monetization

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Ateme Whitepaper 5G

Gone are the days of carrier pigeons. 5G Media Streaming has arrived! Now, mobile network operators and streaming service providers question how they benefit.

Across multiple service types, 5G technology is launching ground-breaking opportunities. Its reach extends from autonomous transportation and smarter cities to accelerated communication, remote accessibility, and the connection of global communities.

But how does investing in 5G help you when it comes to video? How do you create more engaging video services over 5G networks to avoid churn, attract more viewers, and maximize return on investment?

What are the benefits of 5G technology?

5G creates an opportunity to manage your quality of end-to-end delivery more efficiently. For instance, it improves the viewing experience by:

  • Increasing bandwidth
  • Lowering latency
  • Ensuring network programmability and flexibility

5G opens the doors for configurable and assignable network slicing — virtual private networks with differing requirements – and implements powerful analytics. This allows mobile network operators to offer streaming service providers guaranteed quality of service. In addition, they can anticipate traffic behavior in the network and take action to automatically adapt. In the end, this improves predictability and adaptability.

5G architecture creates an open API environment that enables the flexible interaction of video, content-delivery applications with the 5G core, and RAN. Additionally, 5G Mobile Edge Computing support puts encoding and CDN applications closer to the end users. In turn, this contributes to reduced backhaul traffic and lower latency for live video delivery, especially in a sports context.

How Can Ateme Help with 5G Media Streaming

How can Ateme help you monetize your 5G network?

Incorporating its TITAN, PILOT, and NEA products, Ateme combines its long-standing experience in compression, content delivery, and video analytics with the power of 5G in Ateme’s 5G Media Streaming solution. Thus, combining these products with 5G innovation, Ateme meets your needs, all through one complete 5G end-to-end video delivery solution.

Think about it. Technology that:

  • Enables the delivery of high-quality video streaming to homes over 5G with a level rivaling that of fiber
  • Places your stadium viewers up close and personal via immersive video experiences, as they watch the game via multiple angles, replay actions, and gain more inside information through augmented reality
  • Transforms cars and public transport into living rooms where viewers can comfortably enjoy watching video with the highest Quality of Experience

Leveraging 5G slicing, media streaming architecture, and data analytics, Ateme’s 5G Media Streaming solution helps you thrive by extending your video services in 5G. Not only that, but you get the best QoE at an optimized cost, earning you viewers and profits. Want to know how? To find out more, download our white paper “How to Leverage 5G to Unleash the Power of Your Video Streaming Offer.”