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Increase profits and engage your audience while reducing your carbon footprint. Ateme’s 5G Media Streaming solution is a complete high QoE, analytics-driven, standards-based content-delivery solution over 5G.


Maximize return on your 5G investment

Maximize subscriber engagement and loyalty

Simplify your operations

Reduce costs

Reduce carbon footprint

Differentiate by offering new business models

5G Media Streaming

This is why You Need Ateme 5G Media Streaming

Whether you are a mobile network operator, a sport organization, a content provider, or a broadcaster, you can harness the 5G network to improve the profitability of your video services. 

As a mobile network operator, you are investing important CapEx to deploy your 5G network.

With video representing 80% of the data traffic in mobile networks by 2027, it becomes key to optimize and monetize video delivery to generate ROI.

Ateme’s 5G Media Streaming solution enables mobile network operators to:

  • Open new revenue streams with content providers
  • Better monetize existing revenue streams: in particular, with Ateme’s low-latency DAI solution, it is now possible to offer targeted advertising even for popular, high-value sports content requiring low latency. 
  • Reduce churn and increase ARPU by delivering new immersive, high-quality experiences
  • Deliver the best video quality possible, under any network condition
  • Securely and reliably deploy your full video-delivery platform on any cloud
  • Reduce costs and power consumption
  • Deliver the highest-quality sports content, regardless of the number of viewers
  • Offer OTT video services across your own network and that of and competing mobile network operators
  • Increase spectrum efficiency.

As a sport organization (Teams, Leagues, Stadiums) you want to attract fans to stadiums and fight competition from social networks, video games, TV. 

The 5G Media Streaming Solution from Ateme offers the Enhanced Stadium Experience solution that augments the fan experience in stadiums by offering immersive multiple-angle pristine video feeds with real-time statistics overlays and interactivity through mobile devices.  

The Enhanced Stadium Experience: 

  • Is personalized,  
  • provides multiple live and highlights camera angles 
  • is ready for delivery in high density distribution conditions. 
  • supports xR, and  
  • enables monetization thanks to merchandising, and targeted advertising 

As a content provider, you face competition from social media and gaming.

Content quality and low subscription prices are not enough anymore. Viewers are looking for new, more interactive, and immersive experiences. In order to compete in that arena, Ateme’s 5G Media Streaming solution helps content providers to:

  • Retain and attract younger generations with new interactive and immersive experiences
  • Extend the reach of your video services by leveraging the platforms of mobile network operators
  • Optimize the costs of your D2C business

As a broadcaster, you want to migrate to OTT to compete with online TV.

Broadcasters are looking to deliver live channels to connected devices (mobile phones, connected TVs, etc.) while maintaining high-quality broadcast standards.

Ateme’s 5G Media Streaming solution enables broadcasters to:

  • Seamlessly succeed the transition to OTT video delivery
  • Maintain a broadcast-level experience in OTT
  • Increase spectrum efficiency
  • Reduce costs in the transition to OTT video delivery
  • Efficiently deliver OTT video in your own network as well as third-party broadband networks

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