A few words about WBU-ISOG 2014 Spring forum in Japan

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by Claude STOFFEL, Director Contribution Sales

C.Stoffel presentation at WBU ISOGThe International Satellite Operations Group (ISOG) was founded in 1985 and furnishes a global forum for members of the World Braodcast Unions (WBU). The goal of WBU-ISOG is to evaluate and realise solutions for all operational matters pertaining
to the transmission of media from various sites and to work with different organisations to accomplish this.

The latest WBU-ISOG Spring forum took place last week ( April 29th- May 1st). This time it was organized in Tokyo by Japanese national broadcasterNHK. This forum includes discussions and panels on various topics such as remote IP contributions, best practices for managing IP / file storage solutions, satellite transmission interferences, the introduction of Ultra HD, New HEVC codec and DVB S2extention standard.
In addition to these operational topics, a dedicated session was focused on the opportunity or threat of OTT content delivery and services for broadcasters and the presentation of NHK plan for the introduction of UHD 8K television in Japan.

One hundred delegates were present during the forum and once again ATEME as an ABU ( Asian Broadcasting Union) member participated actively in this Spring session with a presentation from Eunsook Wi, APAC regional mamanger, on theOTT market environment and head-end infrastructure. Claude Stoffel, Director Contribution Sales presented ATEME’s road-map on HEVC codec, the introduction which will impact quality and bandwidth saving of live transmission of Ultra HD signals.