ATEME China sharing experience on technology in Shanghai.

by Ben Chen, Technical Account Director ATEME

B. Chen and Dr. Luo during the meeting break at High Efficient Video Encoding, Transportation and 4K Application Technical Forum

Recently ATEME China was invited to give a speech at the technical forum“High Efficient Video Encoding, Transportation and 4K Application”organized by China Telecom, China Telecom Research Institution, Shanghai Jiaotong University, NERC-DTV(National Engineer Research Center, Digital TV), Bestv, SIAA (Shanghai Information Household Appliance Industry Association), Shanghai Institute of Communications.

The aim of the event was to learn about China Telecom, Bestv and NERC-DTV’s current technical roadmap and to exchange with peers. Based on their industrial influence, companies were invited to give a speech or to participate in the event. Well established enterprises such as Intel, Dolby, Broadcom, Amlogics, Hi-Silicon, and our competitors were present: ATEME amongst them as a speaker.

We were invited to talk about “UHDTV & HEVC Standards & Market Adoption” and to present our point of view on new tv technologies. HEVC on ultra-high definition TV was a starting point. We defined UHDTV, HEVC, 4K and tried to answer such questions as whether there is a need to go beyond HD and what benefits we should expect from UHDTV and HEVC.The progress of 4K/HEVC technology was presented by ATEME while China Telecom shared its vision on 4K UHD & HEVC and on On-Demand Cloud Transcoding. Intel focused on 4K HEVC encoding technology over its platform using AVX2 and Dolby talked about Next Gen Audio Encoding Technology. The participants in the event were very interested in the frame rate applications (reduction of Motion Juder, increase of motion sensitivity) and our 10 bit improvements (which help viewers to take advantage of improved visual experience).

With LiveSphere presentation we shared our trust in the value of 360° video for broadcasters and content owners. Interested in Knowing More about LiveSphere ? Feel free to surf on its website or consult our newest press releases.

“High Efficient Video Encoding, Transportation and 4K Application” forum offered many opportunities to learn and share experience in the always changing world of technologies.

Ben Chen,
Technical Account Director