ATEME Contribution Encoder – Decoder with HEVC Upgrade Option

ATEME today announced that Kyrion contribution encoders and decoders can now be upgraded with HEVC codec via a simple software upgrade.

The HEVC codec performances, based on ATEME 5th Generation STREAM© compression engine, are tied to contribution market with 5 profiles starting from Main 4:2:0 – 8 bits up to High 4:2:2 – 12 bits for an ultimate video compression quality. ATEME’s HEVC unique codec can be used for regular SD and HD interlace content as well as progressive up to 1080p50/60 with a bandwidth efficiency up to 50% compare to H.264 codec.

The Kyrion HEVC encoders and decoders deliver the highest video quality with Ultra Low Latency mode below 100ms. Based on future-proof design, Kyrion product line supports pay-as-you-grow operations based on multiple codecs resolutions.

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